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Product Architecture

Great software occurs by design, not by chance. There are a number of components that make up a great application – security, scalability, usability, supportability, functionality, and alignment to your business. Some elements are easy to spot and others are not. However, in order to avoid technical debt and create a piece of software that you can build upon, you must first create a solid foundation.

Product Architecture Assessment

Your software is only as good as the code it is built upon. It is imperative to understand what the foundation of your software looks like so that you can take the appropriate actions to either keep investing in it or move towards something different.

It’s no surprise that most can’t keep up with the pace at which technology is evolving. Technical debt, where a company chooses a cheap and easy rework over a more intensive but ultimately better solution, is a serious issue – and unfortunately for many organizations, it can remain invisible until it is too late. A Product Architecture Assessment can illuminate the issues that technical debt may be concealing. It’s time to determine if your architecture will support the functionality of your software now and in the future.

During a Product Architecture Assessment, we review your software’s code using tools that evaluates code for standard compliance, best practices, complexity-based algorithms and other measures of effective coding. We then generate a report that gives details including statistics, complexity of different functions and adherence, and standards regarding best practices.

Together, we can determine the current state of your software, highlighting the potential gaps that could be problematic for your company in the future. With this knowledge, you will be enabled to make educated decisions about your software, and the future of your business.

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