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Mobile App Development Services

ITX has deep roots in the mobile application development space dating back to building business applications for the Palm Treo (Late 1990’s), the Compaq iPaq (Mid 2000’s) and even for Blackberry OS. While the devices and the technologies have evolved, the principles of developing for the small screen on a portable device have remained the same.

Building your website to be responsive to mobile devices is a necessity today – mobile applications are extremely useful in creating experiences that drive customer loyalty and earn brand advocacy. The user experience and the interaction models that are employed on mobile devices are much different than with web. They require:

  • Discipline in simplification
  • Beautiful design
  • Optimization of content
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Predictive utility

When considering developing a mobile product, a crucial decision will be whether to build for the mobile web, to develop natively, or to use a framework like PhoneGap. ITX has extensive experience with these approaches and can help you confidently navigate these choices.

ITX has helped many firms like Paychex, 5-Linx and the Harvard Business Review with their mobile development. We can help you devise a strategy for addressing the disruptive power of mobile technology with our One Day Strategy Workshop.

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