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Can Large Enterprises Innovate Effectively?

Pathways to Growth for Mature Organizations and Startups

Of course, large enterprises can innovate, but it is harder for them than for startups. Many do not know where to begin. They look back and recall how, as a startup, they discovered the product-market fit that made them successful. And now, in full growth mode, they attack innovation with the mindset of growth they have today – which does not work.

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The Difference Between Product Inception and Growth

Inception Vs Growth

Product builders chasing the elusive product-market fit move through two key stages in pursuit of long-term product success. The work they do on the path to product-market fit is a lot different than it is after they’ve achieved it. And the difference in the approaches they take to this work is critical.

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Business Leaders Must Navigate Digital Transformation To Survive

Coronavirus Signals Need for Rapid, Lasting Societal Change
As I write this, I am closing out week three of the coronavirus lockdown across New York State. We’re all focused on the immediate impacts, and rightly so. But business leaders can ill afford to overlook the more profound, longer-lasting systemic changes.
Among them is our society’s readiness to accept, let alone embrace, the speed of technological evolution. Throughout human history, our resistance to change has delayed technological expansion and adoption.

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Effectiveness vs. Efficiency

Change is constant. If we fail to adapt to the change around us by not improving and getting better at delivering value, we won’t succeed. A key distinction for improvement is the difference between effectiveness and efficiency. These two concepts need to be approached separately. Often people try to address both at the same time, which results in neither being done well.

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