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How To Design Secure Systems That Support Remote Teams

If you’re concerned about security now that your team is working remotely, you’ve been doing it wrong.

Even as the economy slowly reopens, the global coronavirus pandemic is forcing many businesses to ask employees to continuing to work from home. While system security is always a top priority, a number of clients have only recently shared their security concerns now that their folks are working remotely.

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Remote team illustration showing security of systems

23 / The Product Leader’s Path To High Performance

  As a community, have we gotten better at product leadership? The answer depends on who we ask and what we use to measure  performance. In this episode of the Product Momentum Podcast, Sean and Paul pose the question to Richard Banfield, VP of Design Transformation at InVision. “A lot depends how much you are … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Richard Banfield
Richard Banfield

14 / Taking Design Beyond Today’s Conventions

  The common understanding is that to be successful in today’s digital environment designers need to solve problems while building products that people want and need to use. While that may be the core of it, it’s only the core. There’s so much more to it these days. When we talk about interaction design, designing … Continued

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Product Momentum guest tim wood
Tim Wood
Corning Inc.; RIT School of Design

How SSL Protects Your Brand

SSL Certificates protect privacy and validate identity to establish trust with users and improve the internet as a whole.
Having a software development client in a long-term relationship means looking out for the integrity of their brand. As a vendor, we recognize that our clients are often most concerned about the big things: does their website work? Is it attractive and easy to use?

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Graphic showing website with SSL lock

09 / Finding the Right Metrics

  How do we know our work is working? How do product designers know their work product is solving the problem it was intended to solve? That’s the kind of question that keeps us up at night. “It’s an insidious question,” says Kate Rutter, designer, tech junkie, artist, and Principal at Intelleto. In this episode, … Continued

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Product Momentum guest K. Rutter
Kate Rutter