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Celebrating 50 Episodes of ITX’s Product Momentum Podcast

Product Momentum 50th episode celebration

When AJ&Smart CEO Jonathan Courtney roasted us on our own show about our podcast release cadence, we took the good-natured jab to heart.

Now, in welcoming SVPG’s Christian Idiodi as the 50th guest of the Product Momentum Podcast, we not only recognize an important milestone. We celebrate our connection with you – a growing community of seasoned product leaders, industry newcomers, and product specialists committed to improving the lives of others.

Since shaking those first episode jitters with guest Jeremy Durham, Sean and Paul have been an extension of the ITX mission: learning together, growing our knowledge, and delivering technology that solves complex business problems so our clients can move, touch, and inspire the world.

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New ITX Integration Connects Threat Modeling Process to Jira

OWASP Accepts Tool For Re-use, Acknowledges as ‘Best Practice’
When a team of ITX developers recently created – and contributed – a new integration to the Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) threat modeling tool (Threat Dragon), they were simply living the company’s culture. Continuous innovation, thriving together, and giving back to the community are pillars of the ITX value system.
The integration automatically pushes open, non-mitigated security threats created in Threat Dragon directly into our Jira backlog. ITX contributed the integration back to OWASP because we know there are a lot of dev teams in our community using Jira to manage their product backlog – especially if they’re doing it in an Agile mindset.
OWASP has accepted the contribution, even acknowledging ITX as a “Company Collaborator” and posting the integration as a best practice on its website.

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ITX Product Momentum Podcast – Episode 23: The Product Leader’s Path to High Performance

As a community, have we gotten better at product leadership? And if we haven’t, what’s it going to take to get there? The answer to both depends on who we ask and by what yardstick we use to measure our performance. For example, is there alignment between the big organizational vision and our individual product vision? Have we mastered the softer skills to bring together such a diverse group of people? And do our teams know how to think through complex problems and adapt when the ground shifts beneath them?
In this episode of the Product Momentum Podcast, Sean and Paul pose these questions to Richard Banfield, VP of Design Transformation at InVision. Richard’s natural curiosity provides some helpful takeaways:
The notion of high performance is not new; powerful examples exist in every industry and sector. Find one that works for you and imitate it.
Effective product people first need to be people people.
Building a practice of high performance requires us to teach our teams how to work together, think together, and decide together.

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ITX Corp. Named 2020 Top Rochester Workplace

Employees Cite ITX Culture, Values, Service to Community
(April 1, 2020) Rochester, N.Y. — ITX Corp., a leading producer of custom software products, announced today its selection as one of the Rochester region’s top workplaces. Selections for the prestigious award are based on a scientific survey of company employees who rate their workplace culture. For the 7th year, the survey was administered through a partnership between the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle and Philadelphia-based Energage.

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Software Product Development Best Practices In The Age of Social Distancing

ITX Corp.’s Remote-First Culture Eases Transition To A New Normal
“ITX is a remote-first workplace,” marked the first words uttered by my HR contact during our initial screening interview. If they’re going to start the conversation with that, I thought, it must be pretty important.
Over that past couple years – but especially the past couple weeks – I’ve learned exactly how important these words truly are.

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