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06 / Launching a Healthcare Product

  Time, technology, and innovative thinkers have revolutionized what the healthcare system stands for today. Regardless of these achievements, though, the entire system remains very health-centric, focusing only on what happens when something goes wrong and a patient must seek out help. Imagine a framework that flipped this concept on its head, putting the patient … Continued

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Product Momentum guest renu singh brian harrington
Renu Singh and Brian Harrington
University Of Rochester

05 / Human Experience in Products

As companies implement more technology and automation into their products and services, it’s all too common for them to forget that customers and users are human beings. We should always be thinking of the human side of technology and software, considering how our users feel, think, and how to best communicate with them, to give … Continued

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Product Momentum guest kate oneill
Kate O’Neill
KO Insights

04 / Creativity in Technology

The best way to solve a problem is to first examine the people who have encountered it instead of looking at the problem itself. Doing so, allows you to get a different point of view. Through creativity, in-depth research of the people using your product, and technology, teams can exponentially improve the way software products … Continued

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Product Momentum guest sebastian errazuriz
Sebastian Errazuriz

03 / Using Gamification to Build User Experiences

Gamification is a means for eliciting specific behaviors from your users by depending on the premise that humans are naturally competitive. Some more than others, but competition is the basis for our economy and drives many of our behaviors whether we admit it or not. In this episode, Sean and Joe discuss gamification as an … Continued

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Product Momentum guest gregg gordon
Gregg Gordon

02 / Creating Advocacy & Building Product Loyalty

  Advocacy is the goal for any software product that interacts with humans. Whether you’re building a website, a mobile app, or any digital technology that interfaces with people, the goal is to build product loyalty among users. This is done by moving the client up the loyalty ladder, starting with earning trust, then building … Continued

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Product Momentum guest adam bates
Adam Bates