Product Momentum Podcast: Continuous Learning from the Best Minds in Product Leadership

26 / Empowered Teams Build the Best Products

  The difference between the best product companies and the rest is pretty stark. And you don’t have to wait until the end of the fiscal quarter to figure which is which. Those lagging indicators will tell you only what happened. Past tense. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in what will happen, … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Marty Cagan
Marty Cagan
Silicon Valley Product Group

25 / 5 Ways That Trust Inspires Innovation

Trust is the ultimate collaboration tool. So says Stephen M. R. Covey, who joins Sean and Paul on this episode of the Product Momentum Podcast. In fact, trust is so vital that innovation cannot occur in its absence. Trust inspires innovation, which Stephen sees as a “continuum of staying current and relevant with our product … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Stephen M. R. Covey
Stephen M. R. Covey

24 / How to Overcome Barriers to Innovation

Product people chase innovation. Sometimes we grow frustrated by how much time it takes “to get there” and how many barriers to innovation stand in our way. We’ve been led to believe that sprinting as fast as we can toward innovation will help us catch that lightning in a bottle. All the while failing to … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Jake Knapp
Jake Knapp
Designer, Author, Person

23 / The Product Leader’s Path To High Performance

  As a community, have we gotten better at product leadership? The answer depends on who we ask and what we use to measure  performance. In this episode of the Product Momentum Podcast, Sean and Paul pose the question to Richard Banfield, VP of Design Transformation at InVision. “A lot depends how much you are … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Richard Banfield
Richard Banfield

22 / Combining Empathy with Tech

For today’s product leaders, it’s not enough to have technical proficiency or apply the right techniques. These skills are necessary to be sure – vital even – but no longer sufficient by themselves. Effective product leaders deliver even more. To make and implement effective strategy decisions, product leaders need buy-in from key stakeholders. In a … Continued

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Product Momentum guest roman pichler
Roman Pichler
Pichler Consulting