Product Momentum Podcast: Continuous Learning from the Best Minds in Product Leadership

19 / The Significance of Contributive Design

As organizations move inexorably to a team-based, agile methodology, how do individual contributors effectively demonstrate what they’re working on or what they’ve accomplished? If performance is measured based solely on the team’s deliverables, how do team leaders appropriately acknowledge each member’s contribution or target their professional development? Enter the notion of contributive design, in which … Continued

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Product Momentum guest miguel cardona
Miguel Cardona
Professor, Designer, Artist

18 / Simple Steps to Achieve High Performance

We’ve been working together in teams forever, right? After all, humans are social creatures. So it only makes sense that we would come together, organize around common objectives, and apply our energies and intellect to solve problems and deliver outcomes that move our world forward. If that is so, why do so many organizations simultaneously … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Christina Wodtke
Christina Wodtke
Author, Professor, Speaker

17 / Human-Centered Design

Product people get excited about solving problems that make users’ lives better. On that we can all agree. It’s the approach we choose to achieve that goal where differences arise. Sometimes the differences are more clear – Agile vs. Waterfall, for example. On other occasions, the difference is less obvious. Take user-centered vs. human-centered design. … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Kim Goodwin
Kim Goodwin
Leadership Consultant, Author

16 / Developing Organizational Agility

  Imagine a world in which we drop the labels that segregate us as Lean. As Agile. As Waterfall. As Design Thinkers. Instead, imagine a world where we build the kinds of organizations and cultures that encourage and reward learning and customer centricity, that incentivize teams to deeply understand their customers, and that ensure that … Continued

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Product Momentum guest jeff gothelf
Jeff Gothelf
Coach, Consultant, Keynote Speaker

15 / Test Assumptions to Achieve Product-Market Fit

Software product development is hard enough. It’s harder still when our investment of resources is based on a set of untested assumptions. The probability that we perfectly address each of the hundreds or thousands (millions?) of assumptions, hypotheses, and decisions is super low. Once we get comfortable with the idea that many of our assumptions … Continued

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Product Momentum guest dan olsen
Dan Olsen
Olsen Solutions