Product Momentum Podcast: Continuous Learning from the Best Minds in Product Leadership

16 / Developing Organizational Agility

  Imagine a world in which we drop the labels that segregate us as Lean. As Agile. As Waterfall. As Design Thinkers. Instead, imagine a world where we build the kinds of organizations and cultures that encourage and reward learning and customer centricity, that incentivize teams to deeply understand their customers, and that ensure that … Continued

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Product Momentum guest jeff gothelf
Jeff Gothelf
Coach, Consultant, Keynote Speaker

15 / Test Assumptions to Achieve Product-Market Fit

Software product development is hard enough. It’s harder still when our investment of resources is based on a set of untested assumptions. The probability that we perfectly address each of the hundreds or thousands (millions?) of assumptions, hypotheses, and decisions is super low. Once we get comfortable with the idea that many of our assumptions … Continued

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Product Momentum guest dan olsen
Dan Olsen
Olsen Solutions

14 / Taking Design Beyond Today’s Conventions

  The common understanding is that to be successful in today’s digital environment designers need to solve problems while building products that people want and need to use. While that may be the core of it, it’s only the core. There’s so much more to it these days. When we talk about interaction design, designing … Continued

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Product Momentum guest tim wood
Tim Wood
Corning Inc.; RIT School of Design

13 / Product Design Driving Positive Behaviors

Product people possess the creative and ethical wherewithal to persuade users to behave in ways that materially improve their lives – using our powers for good. The secret is to understand that, if we want to connect our product’s use to a repetitive consumer habit, we must identify the internal trigger that drives consumer behavior. … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Nir Eyal
Nir Eyal
Author, Consultant, Educator

12 / Treating Your Product Community Like a Product

  When you’re building software products, do you think only about adding features? Or do you think in terms of hiring your software products to solve a problem you have? Context is critical. Consider new products – and their features – in the same way you would new employees. What problems am I hiring them … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Mike Belsito
Mike Belsito
Product Collective