Product Momentum Podcast: Continuous Learning from the Best Minds in Product Leadership

09 / Finding the Right Metrics

  How do we know our work is working? How do product designers know their work product is solving the problem it was intended to solve? That’s the kind of question that keeps us up at night. “It’s an insidious question,” says Kate Rutter, designer, tech junkie, artist, and Principal at Intelleto. In this episode, … Continued

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Product Momentum guest K. Rutter
Kate Rutter

08 / Planning & Prioritizing Product Roadmaps

  Have you ever wondered what exactly it takes to create great software products? Those who spend even a little time in this space learn quickly that there is no wizard behind the curtain. In this episode, hosts Sean and Joe speak with Rohini Pandhi, currently on the product team at Square, about her experiences … Continued

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Product Momentum guest rohini pandhi
Rohini Pandhi

07 / Resisting Experience Rot

“Why, daddy,” says the curious toddler. “Why?” No parent has yet found a way to escape this exasperating line of questioning. We should be grateful. For as frustrating as the interrogation becomes, its purity of purpose cannot be denied. Focus on the why. The honest, unrelenting desire to understand requires us to rethink, reconsider, and … Continued

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Product Momentum guest jared spool
Jared M. Spool
Center Centre

06 / Launching a Healthcare Product

  Time, technology, and innovative thinkers have revolutionized what the healthcare system stands for today. Regardless of these achievements, though, the entire system remains very health-centric, focusing only on what happens when something goes wrong and a patient must seek out help. Imagine a framework that flipped this concept on its head, putting the patient … Continued

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Product Momentum guest renu singh brian harrington
Renu Singh and Brian Harrington
University Of Rochester

05 / Human Experience in Products

As companies implement more technology and automation into their products and services, it’s all too common for them to forget that customers and users are human beings. We should always be thinking of the human side of technology and software, considering how our users feel, think, and how to best communicate with them, to give … Continued

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Product Momentum guest kate oneill
Kate O’Neill
KO Insights