Product Momentum Podcast: Continuous Learning from the Best Minds in Product Leadership

63 / Unlock Your Inner Genius

Attaining so-called “genius status” – Mozart, Steve Jobs, Einstein spring to mind – seems untouchable to us mere mortals. Or is it. As product people, we have more genius within us than we give ourselves credit for. In this episode of the Product Momentum Podcast, Sean and Matt are joined by Shawn Livermore. The author … Continued

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Shawn Livermore
Product Perfect

62 / Brand Archetypes Help Our Products Speak to the World

Archetype. We don’t have to know what the word means to recognize how it connects our brand with our users. Archetypes help us choose the right words, assemble them in the right order, and communicate the brand experience our users expect. Our brand is how our products speak to the world. In this episode of … Continued

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Margie Agin
Centerboard Marketing

61 / Simple Steps for High-Touch User Engagement

Maybe more than anything else, product people want good, honest, relevant feedback about their products. And their go-to source for the straight-up truth? Moms and best friends. They’re the ones who’ll give you the sort of “big-picture feedback you’re desperate for.” And the best part is they know enough not to give advice you didn’t … Continued

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Rob Fitzpatrick
Entrepreneur, Author

60 / Define Your Brand With Innovative UX Design

As product people, how do we know when the time is right to “color outside the lines”? Maybe experiment with a new design approach or re-create some of the early Wild West days when design standards were the exception, not the rule. After all, isn’t that a fundamental piece of the innovation puzzle – standing … Continued

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Product Momentum Guest Bill Flora
Bill Flora

59 / Balance Mission & Vision For Great Products

What does it really mean to be obsessed with serving your customers? How can we balance mission and vision to build great products? In this episode, ITX product leader Matt Bush joins Sean in a lively conversation with Esteban Contreras, a Senior Director of Product Management at Hootsuite. Like many so organizations in the space, Hootsuite deftly … Continued

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Product Momentum Podcast guest Esteban Contreras
Esteban Contreras