Product Momentum Podcast: Continuous Learning from the Best Minds in Product Leadership

53 / When You’re In Product, You’re the Connector

We often talk about product living at the intersection of technology, business, and UX. And that makes sense in a limited, Venn diagram way of thinking: Product as the place where these things converge. But as we have discovered, using a 3-piece diagram to explain what product is all about is a gross oversimplification. Through … Continued

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Product Momentum Podcast guest Nina Foroutan
Nina Foroutan

52 / Mindset, Process, and Tools

If you’ve never done product before, the journey can be super-scary. So many questions: Do I have what it takes? Is this the career I want for myself? What type of PM do I want to be? Where am I in my career product life cycle? Worry no more. In this episode of ITX’s Product … Continued

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Product Momentum guest David Wang
David Wang

51 / Cognitive Bias and Software Development

  Without mental shortcuts to help, there’s no way product managers could process the daily waves of information coming at us. We apply these shortcuts, called cognitive biases, to drive efficiency in how we perceive and respond to the world around us. But when we’re unaware of, or not sensitive to, these biases (that exist … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Wolf Alexanyan
Wolf Alexanyan
The Software Development Company

50 / Product Problems Are People Problems

  Whether discussing onboarding, the challenges we product managers confront in today’s upside-down world, or the benefits of being a “lazy” product manager, all problems boil down to people problems. In this episode of the Product Momentum Podcast, Sean and Paul welcome Christian Idiodi, partner at the Silicon Valley Product Group. As a leader in … Continued

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Product Momentum guest Christian Idiodi
Christian Idiodi
Silicon Valley Product Group

49 / The Many Paths to Product Management

  There’s no clear career path to product management. And while that sounds like just another obstacle keeping you from your dream job, it should actually come as a comfort to all you PM hopefuls. Here’s why. It’s about equifinality, which simply means that the same end result can be achieved by many potential means … Continued

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Product Momentum podcast guest Lena Sesardic
Lena Sesardic
Consultant, Author