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ITX Corp. Named Amazon Web Services “Select Consulting Partner”


Certification recognizes the company’s mastery of the AWS platform

September 23, 2020 Rochester, NY — ITX Corp., a leading outsourced custom software developer headquartered in Rochester, NY, announced today its recognition as a Select Partner within the Amazon Partner Network (APN). The APN is the global partner program for technology and consulting businesses that leverage AWS to build technology solutions for customers. Accreditation as a Select Partner affirms ITX’s demonstrated technical proficiency with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite of cloud computing tools.

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ITX Corp. Expansion Continues with Launch of Data Science Offering

Melissa Royo Tapped to Lead New Service Area

Data Science leverages the power of analytics technology platforms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise, and industry acumen to help clients unleash business transformation

August 19, 2020 Rochester, NY — ITX Corp., a leading producer of custom software products headquartered in Rochester, NY, announced today the launch of its Data Science offering. The new service area marks the second major addition to the company’s offering in as many years. In June 2018, the company introduced its Marketing Services offering, following the acquisition of eMedia Marketing Services, based in Cincinnati, OH.

With the launch of the data science offering, ITX now helps clients confidently validate business decisions through the power of predictive analysis.

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New ITX Integration Connects Threat Modeling Process to Jira

OWASP Accepts Tool For Re-use, Acknowledges as ‘Best Practice’
When a team of ITX developers recently created – and contributed – a new integration to the Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) threat modeling tool (Threat Dragon), they were simply living the company’s culture. Continuous innovation, thriving together, and giving back to the community are pillars of the ITX value system.
The integration automatically pushes open, non-mitigated security threats created in Threat Dragon directly into our Jira backlog. ITX contributed the integration back to OWASP because we know there are a lot of dev teams in our community using Jira to manage their product backlog – especially if they’re doing it in an Agile mindset.
OWASP has accepted the contribution, even acknowledging ITX as a “Company Collaborator” and posting the integration as a best practice on its website.

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Overcoming Barriers To Successful Product Discovery

To those in the digital product space, the term “Discovery Phase” will likely wash over us like many of the other oft-touted buzz words of our industry. But a healthy discovery process allows us to understand product-market fit and identify key user needs. What’s keeping us from incorporating this valuable learning into our products? We believe it’s either ignorance, intuition, or inertia that stands in the way of successful discovery.

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How To Design Secure Systems That Support Remote Teams

If you’re concerned about security now that your team is working remotely, you’ve been doing it wrong.

Even as the economy slowly reopens, the global coronavirus pandemic is forcing many businesses to ask employees to continuing to work from home. While system security is always a top priority, a number of clients have only recently shared their security concerns now that their folks are working remotely.

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