ITX is remote-first and fully prepared.

ITX takes pride in being a remote-first organization, and we are well insulated from service delivery disruption for that reason. More than 70% of our people routinely work from remote locations, and the rest regularly opt to do the same as the need arises. It’s a key part of our culture at ITX. 

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves, our teams are already prepared. We seamlessly do our work wherever we happen to be. Our tech infrastructure and tools free us from having to be in the same location for meetings and collaboration. Videoconferencing is common. Everything can be accessed from the cloud. In other words, our standard operating procedures are becoming everyone else’s “new normal.”  

Because of this, some of our clients have come to us seeking advice about how they can virtualize their workforces in the same way. We’re happy to help! In fact, if there’s anything ITX can do to help you and your business prepare for a work-remote environment, please let us know.  

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