Our Services

Architecture, Development & Security

Our Delivery Teams build your software product from the ground up to ensure its functionality, compliance, and security. Comprised of experienced Solutions Architects, Front- and Backend Developers, and Security Analysts, we blend these skill sets and service offerings with your on-site product team to provide a hand-in-glove experience that promises a powerful, efficient delivery of service across a wide range of specialized skills.

Our dedicated Quality Assurance testers of “white hat” hackers combine manual and automated tools and techniques to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and access points. Our team will prepare a report that summarizes our testing methodologies and collaborating with the client on threat assessment, prioritization, and mitigation.

Our capabilities: 

Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Website Development, Architectural Assessment, Product Architecture Planning, Static Code Analysis, Automated Testing, Performance Testing, Load Testing, Content Migration, Data Entry, Development Process Definition, Development Process Improvement Coaching, Threat Modeling, Vulnerability Scanning, Code Dependency Scanning, Penetration Testing, Compliance Audit Support.

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