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Data Science

The ITX Data Science team will unleash the predictive capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help validate business decisions. We will help you navigate complex business problems you once considered insurmountable. When we do, you will soon discover the competitive edge that comes with the ITX Data Science solution. Solve challenging business problems with greater accuracy and speed. Automate resource-intensive processes that were once only manual. Monitor, measure, and continuously improve the user experience.

Our data scientists will partner with your teams to create actionable knowledge out of your untapped data assets. When we apply artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to under-utilized information, you will learn even more about your users’ experience with your product. And you will be able to accurately measure the business impact of our work together.

Our capabilities: 

Artificial Intelligence Establishment and Optimization, Machine Learning Design and Training, Algorithm Design, Statistical Modeling, Complex System Analysis, Predictive Analytics.

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