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Software Product Strategy

At ITX, we believe that every successful Software Product Strategy begins with your Vision for the product. Simultaneously aspirational and inspirational, your Vision communicates the intent behind your product and serves as the guiding force for the strategies that support it.

As your “eyes and ears” both internally and across the competitive landscape, ITX strategists develop key user personas to sharpen our focus. We see the world through the user’s lens to guide strategic roadmap development. By prioritizing key feature and system requirements throughout the product lifecycle, we invest in the things that matter most. We don’t work in a vacuum. We collect and analyze stakeholder feedback to inform our next steps. And we monitor key performance indicators to celebrate our momentum and alert the client when pivots are required.

Our capabilities: 

Product Vision Strategy, Roadmap Development, Product Persona Development, Competitive Product Analysis, Business Requirements Analysis, Technical Requirements Analysis, User Story Development and Backlog Refinement & Management.

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