Tracking & Managing Charitable Giving

Givily is a web app that makes it easy for companies to connect with their communities and to manage and track their charitable giving.

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Amy Kaufmann, founder and CEO of Givily, approached ITX with a powerful vision: imagine if companies had a way to streamline the donation process and to measure the impact their donations had on their community. With a great idea comes great responsibility and ITX was up for the challenge.

Amy Kaufman (left) and Nancy Neumann, VP of Design at ITX (right), were nominated for 2017 Technology Woman of the Year by Digital Rochester for their leadership in the tech industry.

ITX ran an Innovation Workshop to refine the vision and to understand the product through the eyes of the end user. We evaluated Givily’s existing corporate donation website and the issues and pain points that came along with it. We identified the goals of the companies giving donations and of the individuals and organizations requesting the donations. An ITX Innovation Workshop is a powerful tool we use to understand and marry the user goals and the business goals, and to get alignment from all of the key stakeholders.

Our findings led to the prioritization of several key pieces of the web app. The ability for companies to create online donation request forms tailored to their unique needs was the first step to success.

By providing companies with powerful data about their donation activity, they could maximize each dollar donated and ensure that their donations aligned with their company values. This information would empower them to speak to and share their community impact and goodwill.

To kickstart the adoption of the new tool and to gather qualitative feedback from Givily’s customers, we released a limited beta version of the app. ITX led a training session for Clif Bar & Company and they volunteered to use it. Their input was invaluable and helped to direct the team’s work so that it would have the greatest impact.

The tech team has brought heaps of expertise and enthusiasm which consequently has me looking forward to each interaction I can honestly say that rebuilding our software platform has been a blast. That experience is yours for the taking too.

Amy Kauffman, Founder & CEO of Givily

By giving companies a simple way to manage their donation requests, they can operate at a higher level of efficiency. At the end of the day, this allows them to focus on the things that matter: supporting their brand mission and giving back to their community.

Givily proudly maintains that customers see a reduction in the donation management workload of 60% with the use of their web application.