Parlec (now Omega Tool Measuring) teamed up with ITX to design and build their latest software package, the P7 Measuring and Inspection Software, an intuitive and extensible solution for their presetter machines.

Complex Measurements Made Simple


Parlec (now Omega Tool Measuring Machines Inc.), a global leader in the tool measuring and tool presetting industry, came to ITX with the need to rebuild the software that powers their presetter machines. These machines perform complex calculations to determine the precise dimensions of a tool at the micron level, ensuring the tool meets industry standards and safety guidelines.

Traditionally, this type of software has put little emphasis on client and user experience, and Parlec recognized this as an opportunity within their industry.

Our Approach

This initiative began with the ITX one-day product innovation workshop which helped to align stakeholders and team members on the product vision and create a general roadmap for how to accomplish our goals.

Our team’s goal was to create an extensible and modular software for easy maintenance and updates, both for Parlec and for their customers. P7 gives customers trial access to various features, such as Echo, allowing them to determine the best software package for their business. Upgrading the software is a simple process that the customer can complete either offline or online with minimal service required by Parlec.

User Experience Focus

The redesign process allowed the team to holistically evaluate the product. To simplify and create a more focused experience for the operator, we brought the most commonly used tools and functionality to the forefront. This approach caters to the average user and daily usage of the product, while still providing easy access to extra functionality as needed by the advanced user.

To ensure the P7 software is accessible to users of all experience levels, contextual help is incorporated directly into the UI, available when and where it’s needed. Each measuring function is laid out in clear, guided steps. Additional help is available on demand, which includes definitions, simple instruction, and visuals.

The new P7 interface was designed with the user experience in mind. P7 makes the most complex measuring or inspection process simple. That was our goal!

– Matthew Ricotta,
Director of Product Marketing at Parlec

The Results

ITX and Parlec created a human-centered and consistent experience for users across the entire P7 application. The initiative was a true partnership, allowing ITX to deeply understand Parlec’s business and customer needs. In September 2016, Parlec attended the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, Illinois. More than 115,000 registrants made their way to the event where Parlec displayed P7 and their star feature, Echo.