Remotely Manage Employee Time

In 2014, Paychex made smart, effective use of technology in order to better serve their clients. This included the creation, development, and earlier-than-forecasted release of their Time app, a mobile application that lets employees track their time throughout the workday.

Paychex is an outsourcing solutions company that specializes in payroll, human resources, and benefits for small to mid-sized companies. Because of our proven, integrated approach to technology, we delivered consistent, predictable outcomes for Paychex throughout 2014.

A key initiative for Paychex was the development of their Time app, which is a mobile application that lets employees punch in and out, and to check the current status of their workday. It was our integrated approach to strategy, design, and development that enabled us to release the Time app on schedule.

In 2014, we also developed a new dashboard user interface and improved the functionality and performance
of the Paychex FLEX app. We made substantial improvements to this app, including a new user interface, a feature that allows employees to manage their 401(k) deductions and allocations, and an Android back button for added functionality.

Predictability is key in technology—it ensures that deadlines are met and communication is open. We deliver predictable outcomes for Paychex by establishing clear, high-level goals, stewarding internal and external resources, and providing constant feedback and updates.