Digital Platform for Change

SERQUEST’s connection to the nonprofit community and ITX’s past experience working within the same space helped identify a niche in the market for a digital platform that helps small to medium nonprofit organizations connect with the people and monetary and physical resources needed to promote and fulfill their mission.

Strategy, Design, Development, Quality Assurance


SERQUEST’s mission, as a nonprofit themselves, was to provide the tools that smaller nonprofits typically don’t have the budget for. This gives them the same ability, as large nonprofits, to promote their message and manage their resources at a very low cost through an efficient digital platform. They wished to develop their product in a way that would eliminate the need for expensive software, such as Blackbaud, and instead offer them an affordable alternative with all the functionality they need.

To do this, SERQUEST would need to listen to the needs and feedback from their users, and then employ services that would best help them fulfill their missions. In this market, the most important qualities for SERQUEST to have are being unique and affordable. They need to stand out, and that’s what ITX has always been here to help with.

Our Approach

We knew that in order to provide value to SERQUEST’s users, the product would need to be capable of helping nonprofits promote causes and operate just as successfully as larger organizations, but without the administrative costs. This would allow them to get more value for their small budgets.

User Experience Focus

After a great deal of careful planning, development, and continued improvement of features based on user feedback, ITX launched a minimum viable product (MVP) of SERQUEST’s digital platform.

The SERQUEST website has been created to successfully cater to the needs of the users by way of a Stripe integration, which makes coordinating and tracking donations and donors the streamlined, stress-free experience they hoped for.

The MVP launched gives nonprofits the ability to share their causes with others by leveraging the power of video and stories from participants, strengthen their relationships with the community, and gain volunteers, monetary donations, and resources.

Built-in engagement reporting for organizers and admins makes it a breeze for the nonprofits to track donations, and this quality is what provides them with the smoothest possible journey to being just as successful as larger organizations.

The product provides KPI reporting to provide SERQUEST with metrics showing the success of their web platform.

The Results

Growth in activity of


Monthly visits up to


Just one month after the release of the MVP, SERQUEST experienced a growth in activity of 600%. Visits to the website had climbed to 15,000 per month.

A year later, after continued close attention to an experience that builds product advocates, monthly site visits average around 40,000, there are over 3,500 registered users, and more than 300 active organizations and causes.