Wilmorite teamed up with ITX to design and build a mobile application and website that simplified their content administration process while providing their customers with an enjoyable experience when navigating their shopping centers, using best UI practices and GPS navigation.

Personalized Shopping Center Navigation


Commercial real estate development and management company, Wilmorite, came to ITX with the desire to streamline the maintenance and updates of their mobile applications and website for their four shopping centers. Previously, updates and maintenance would have to be made separately for each respective website, mobile application, and digital mall directory, which required a large amount of time from their Marketing Managers and high costs to maintain each of the various entities.

In addition, navigation through their large shopping centers can be a challenge for those who are not familiar with the layout of the buildings. They wanted to allow users to have their own personalized navigation tool to carry with them since mall directories are only located in select locations.

Our Approach

We began by conducting extensive research on other shopping center websites and apps. The decision to create a single mobile app that consolidated the information for all of their locations was driven through recommendations from the team at ITX and input from Wilmorite.


We created a single mobile application and website that combined all the information for their four shopping centers. Using the content management system DNN, we incorporated complex functionality into the product that allowed all updates and additions to easily be made to both platforms from one place. This automated custom management gave Wilmorite the ability to seamlessly and frequently update news, mall directories, information about stores, specials and coupons, hours, holidays, and special events. In addition, the information managed on the Website is also sent to the mall directories through an API to update information about stores, news, and events.

Updated Aesthetic / UI

To create an inviting and engaging experience for users, we incorporated the heavy use of imagery, best UI practices, and a social media stream that allows Wilmorite to showcase stores and upcoming events. The homepage also provided easier access to mall hours and maps, and an outlet for Individual stores to upload coupons and specials for customers.

Interactive Map

We incorporated a new feature into the website and app in the form of an interactive map powered by geo-location. Using the service provider, Map Box, we created the shopping center maps showing users the best way to reach certain stores as well as the locations of amenities, such as restrooms and ATMs. From the landing page of the app, users could easily shift between each of the locations to view maps and other relevant information.

The Results

The new mobile app and website allowed Wilmorite to easily make updates to their properties, as well as provide a streamlined and consistent experience to their end users. The data synced seamlessly across both the app and website serve accurate and up-to-date information to Wilmorite’s customers. Users can now have a more predictable and inspiring experience, helping generate more trust in the company and their services, ultimately leading to more advocates of the Wilmorite brand.