Youth Villages

Mission Supported by Responsive UX

The Story

Youth Villages has built a national reputation for offering a proven approach to effective programs and services to help emotionally troubled children and their families. The private, not for profit, organization provides a fully integrated continuum of services, including residential treatment, intensive in-home services, foster care and adoption, mentoring and a transitional living program for young adults aging out of foster care.

Youth Villages realized its primary Website needed a complete design overhaul to accommodate a rapidly growing mobile audience. Instead of implementing a mobile Website, they decided to integrate responsive design into their Website. This means that the content of their Website would reformat and adjust based on the platform of which it was being viewed.


We began our relationship with Youth Villages by understanding their overall project strategy. When it comes to their Website, they understand that the various avenues of which people land on their site vary and can be anywhere from the size of a desktop computer to the screen size of a cellular device. However, this organization prides themselves on providing their users with an optimal experience. Therefore, starting this project with a mobile first mentality, Youth Villages can guarantee that their message reaches their constituents.

The Design

The experiences your customers have with your technology are often their first impression of your company. At that moment, it is your brand. Therefore, everything you produce must be worthy of it. Youth Villages realized that technology is one of the most powerful ways to create experiences.

Technology has the power to build loyalty and empower customer advocates through the experiences that are created when your customers interact with them. In order to produce an online experience that was worthy of their brand, Youth Villages focused on implementing a modern design that would be impactful on all platforms.


With the DNN Evoq Content content management system (CMS), ITX incorporated geo-location functionality to many of Youth Villages’ call to action indicators. These call to action buttons appear in the banner of the Website and are populated based on your current geo-location, making it easier for you to get involved with Youth Villages in your area.


The Youth Villages Website is filled with informative content. This enabled the ITX Design team to create an innovative solution for organizing the Website’s content in a clean and organized way, workable for every viewing platform.

By incorporating two separate navigational features, the Youth Villages Website provides an optimal user experience. The header navigation in the desktop view is transformed to off-canvas navigation within the mobile view. However, the on-page navigation was treated in such a way on the desktop view, it was seamlessly transitioned to the mobile view, providing a workflow that increases engagement throughout the Website.

In March of 2014, the newly redesigned Youth Villages Website was launched. Children and their families have been accessing the site from many devices and have been provided with a world-class experience that is truly a joy to use. The collaboration between ITX and Youth Villages has helped to provide a clear vision and path for the project, resulting in a beautiful, elegant, easy-to-use site that inspires all who visit.