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Register for the 2024 ITX Product + Design Conference

Registration is open for the ITX Product + Design Conference happening June 27-28, 2024.

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June 27 and 28, 2024 in Rochester, NY.

Celebrate the power of UX design and product development with a 2-day conference experience, learning from industry thought leaders such as John Maeda, VP of Design and AI at Microsoft, and Denise Tilles, Founder and CPO of Grocket. After interactive workshops, keynotes, and networking, wrap up the event with a tour around the Memorial Art Gallery and the annual Rochester Jazz Fest.

Miss the 2023 conference or just want a refresh? Take a look back!


John Maeda's Headshot

John Maeda

Currently serving as VP of Design and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft, John Maeda is a product experience leader across consumer and enterprise domains.

He is the first recipient of White House’s National Design Award for algorithmically-generated visualizations informed by data + AI, a LinkedIn Top 10 US Influencer, and author of five books including How to Speak Machine and the tech bestseller Laws of Simplicity.

Denise Tilles Headshot

Denise Tilles

With over a decade of product leadership experience, Denise Tilles supports companies like Bloomberg, Sam’s Club, and Athenahealth by strengthening capabilities around Product Operations, Product Strategy, and Product Operating Models. 

She co-authored the recently published must-read guide for technology leaders Product Operations. Denise has previously led product +UX teams at Cision, Conde Nast, and, and is the CEO & Founder of Grocket. 

Ryan Rumsey Headshot

Ryan Rumsey

Ryan Rumsey is a writer, speaker, coach, and business owner. He is the CEO of Second Wave Dive, an on-demand strategic consultancy, and the founder of Chief Design Officer School, the premier learning platform for design leaders.  

Prior to entrepreneurship, Ryan built and led teams at Electronic Arts, Nestlé, and USAA. He is the author of two books, Business Thinking for Designers and Play Up Your Impact

Cliff Gilley Headshot

Cliff Gilley

Cliff Gilley is a lifelong product manager, currently working as an advisor to product teams with Gartner. With 20 years of product management experience across various markets and company sizes, his research and advisory work centers on large B2B technology solutions. 

An advocate of lean and agile principles, he works with clients to continuously improve their product management maturity and to push their product teams toward the future of the profession. 

John Haggerty headshot

John Haggerty

As a seasoned product leader, John Haggerty offers tailored insights derived from a proven track record of driving innovation and strategic growth. His expertise lies in integrating business constraints across multiple domains, deeply understanding user motivations, and guiding product strategy with data-driven insights. 

John is a course instructor, leading interactive sessions and creating assignments and discussions aimed at helping students apply practical skills in product management. 

Prerna Singh Headshot

Prerna Singh

Prerna Singh is a product professional and product leader with a demonstrated ability to bring teams to their goals. She is experienced in combining strategic insights and human-centered design principles to deliver high client and product value. 

Prerna has contributed her expertise to product teams at Meetup, Quartz, Mashable, and IBM. She also serves as a course instructor at Gigantic. 


Patricia Reiners, a distinguished UX innovator and voice in the field of user experience, hosts the esteemed “FUTURE OF UX“ podcast. Her expertise lies at the crossroads of AI, Spatial Computing, and groundbreaking innovation in UX. Based in Zurich, she offers global clients expert guidance in advanced UX methodologies and emerging technologies, focusing on future design industry trends.




Product Collective produces gold standard events for the product management and product leadership communities, and ITX is proud to have them back as a key partner for 2024. Product Collective’s business is all about ‘show business,’ as evidenced by their yearly INDUSTRY: The Product Conference gatherings. This flagship event, with its latest version coming this September 2024, is unprecedented in the product leadership and product management fields.

Product Collective Co-Founder Mike Belsito returns as ITX Product + Design Conference emcee for the 4th consecutive year. His businesses and products have been featured in national media outlets such as the New York Times, The Atlantic, CNN, and NPR. Mike is also the author of Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us, one of the top startup books on Amazon.


Workshop Day – June 27, 2024.

Choose One: Product Track or Design Track

08:00 AM – 08:30 AM
Registration & Light Breakfast

08:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Workshop 1

12:00 PM
Lunch Break

01:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Workshop 2

4:30 PM
Event Closing

Keynote Day – June 28, 2024.

08:30 AM – 09:15 AM
Registration & Light Breakfast

09:15 AM – 9:30 AM
Opening Remarks

09:30 AM – 10:15 AM
Keynote 1: John Maeda

10:15 AM – 10:30 AM

10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Live Podcast Recording
Fireside Chat

11:00 AM – 11:15 AM

11:15 AM – 11:50 AM
Keynote 2: Denise Tilles

12:00 PM
Lunch Break

01:00 PM – 01:30 PM
Live Podcast Recording
Fireside Chat

01:30 PM – 01:40 PM

01:40 PM – 02:15 PM
Keynote 3: Cliff Gilley

02:15 PM – 02:45 PM
Keynote 4: Ryan Rumsey

02:45 PM – 03:00 PM

03:00 PM – 03:30 PM
Live Podcast Recording
Fireside Chat

03:40 PM – 04:20 PM
Panel Q&A Session

04:20 PM – 04:30 PM
Closing Remarks

04:30 PM – 05:30 PM
Farewell Drink & Networking


Keynotes – Friday, June 28.

“Design in Tech Report 2024: Design Against AI”

John Maeda 

Teams bear the awkward and important responsibility of raising ethical AI concerns in their product-making circles alongside policymakers. Questioning how to advance the art, practice, and nature of creativity in this new era provides spectacular opportunities to fail, learn, grow. In this keynote, you will hear the nuances of “Design against AI”, covering how to critically think about AI’s implications for humanity, and how to critically make work to stay ahead of AI’s capabilities. 

“A SuperPower to Build Great Products Together”

Ryan Rumsey 

In this interactive talk, Ryan will share practical techniques that empower cross-functional teams to make better decisions and products together. Whether translating design or code or business, being clear requires the right combination of compassion, timing, humility, and assertiveness. Learn the right way to present your expertise, ensuring it’s valued, while also experiencing the appreciation for your contributions in return. 

“What is Product Operations and why is everyone so excited about it?”

Denise Tilles 

Product Operations has been a hot topic lately. But what is it, exactly? Denise will show how product operations can be a force multiplier for scaling organizations, based on her own experience as a product leader, and help you answer the question How to know if your product strategy is working, and Visibility to confirm dev resources are supporting company goals?  

“Finding the Joy in Product Management”

Cliff Gilley

At the end of 2023, nearly 70% of senior product managers considered leaving the product management field (source: CNBC). To prevent further disengagement, it is essential to examine and understand the underlying motivators of this statistic. Cliff will explore the factors that are driving product managers to leave and share actionable ways we can all find the joy in product management again.

Workshops – Thursday, June 27.

“Go Beyond the Surface: Understanding Your Customer at Every Level”

Prerna Singh 

This interactive workshop challenges the superficial approach to customer research, emphasizing deep insights over checkbox exercises. You will learn how to set clear goals, utilize diverse data sources, craft impactful hypotheses, and develop robust research plans. Explore four discovery methodologies with hands-on exercises, leaving you with a concrete action plan for effective customer research implementation.  

“Impact Beyond Craft: Breaking Through with Remixing”

Ryan Rumsey 

In this workshop, you will learn how teams at companies like Apple, Google, and Zillow work together to visualize, gather, and interpret metrics to drive product strategy. By combining design, statistics, and business techniques, this workshop will transform how you think about your work and give you the breakthroughs you’ve been seeking. 

“Harnessing the Power of AI in Product Management”

John Haggerty 

Explore the deep understanding of AI’s multidisciplinary nature, its impact across industries, and the advancements enabling its widespread adoption in this workshop. Through interactive activities, case studies, and group discussions, you will learn how to leverage AI for analyzing customer feedback, predicting and mitigating churn, identifying product development risks, and conducting competitive analysis. 

“Designing Tomorrow: The Role of Generated AI in UX”

Patricia Reiners

This workshop delves into the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within user experience design. The session aims to equip participants with both strategic insights and practical tools to integrate AI into their processes effectively. Attendees will explore how AI can enhance design innovation, streamline workflows, and create more personalized user experiences. By the end of the day, attendees will Understand the impact of AI on user experience design, experience practical AI tools and assess their applicability, and develop actionable strategies for AI integration in digital product design.

Ticket sales are open now through June 25

Conference Keynote Ticket.

June 28 Only

Individual Ticket Pricing.


Per Person

Group Ticket Pricing (5 or more people).


Per Person


  • A blend of speaker keynotes and other activities revolving around product and design on June 28.
  • Continental breakfast and boxed lunch.
  • Free copy of Denise Tilles’ book Product Operations. 
  • Access the Memorial Art Gallery to explore the grounds and enjoy the exhibits.

Keynote + Workshop Ticket.

June 27 & June 28

Individual Ticket Pricing.


Per Person

Group Ticket Pricing (5 or more people).


Per Person


  • Keynote Ticket Inclusions, plus:
  • Two half-day workshops with thought leaders on June 27 in the Product or Design track (choose one.)


Welcome to The Podcast Zone – an exciting new addition to the Product + Design Conference experience!

On Keynote Day, the Product Momentum team is inviting conference attendees to join the conversation with keynote speakers John Maeda, Denise Tilles, Ryan Rumsey, and Cliff Gilley – recorded live!

Following each presentation, join fellow attendees in the intimate Bausch & Lomb Parlor setting where you’ll enjoy the one-of-a-kind opportunity to shape the conversation with our amazing thought leaders.

Be sure to check the Keynote Day schedule to plan your path accordingly.


Not A Standard Work Event.

I liked how the event was balanced – it didn’t focus solely on design or product but equally on both. When the presentation was not specific to my needs, I still got value from the information provided.

Conference Attendee

The biggest reason for why I attended the conference is to talk to people, and to meet my colleagues in person. It’s extremely helpful to get to know someone in person!

Conference Attendee

It was great to connect and interact with other product/design minds.

Conference Attendee


5 Reasons To Attend the 2024 Product + Design Conference.

1. Exclusive access to industry experts.

We bring the brightest minds shaping the product and design communities. And this year’s lineup is sure to impress – John Maeda, Denise Tilles, and others will take to the stage and share insights gained from their years of experience.

2. Connecting with fellow professionals.

Here’s your chance to meet 300 like-minded product people. Make new friends – maybe reconnect with lost contacts – from Rochester or `across the country. The best part? Every conference attendee shares your passion to be better. Plenty of opportunities to talk shop and ignite that fire.

3. The best of both worlds.

Today’s software development space brings product and design together like never before. The P + D Conference creates a safe space for us to learn and grow together. Dig into focused skill development on Workshop Day, and use Keynote Day to build strong ties with your peers. A deep dive and a quick dip – it’s the best of both worlds.

4. Leveling up abilities.

Return to your team with sharp, new skills, easily transferrable to your everyday tasks. Learn best practices and ways of working that help you move faster and drive positive outcomes for your teams and clients.

5. Rochester in summer.

Explore the grounds and galleries at the Memorial Art Gallery, site of this year’s conference. Take a relaxing stroll through Highland Park and draw in the bouquet of The Flower City’s most popular venue. Feeling a bit spicey? Grab a garbage plate at the original Nick Tahou’s! Be sure to complete the Rochester experience by catching a show during the Rochester International JazzFest – no better way to cap off this spectacular conference event! 


Memorial Art Gallery

The Memorial Art Gallery, or the “MAG” as it’s called locally, hosts a permanent collection of over 12,000 objects. The collection has been called “the best-balanced collection in the state outside of metropolitan New York City.”

Now it will be host to hundreds of design and product professionals over 2 days – and Keynote tickets include admission to the museum!


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