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ITX is now an Amazon Select Consulting Partner, which recognizes our mastery of the Amazon Web Services platform.

New Episode of The Product Momentum Podcast: Whether Building Software or Snowboards

New BOD Announcement

Lisa Young and Nancy Neumann add operational wisdom and strategic vision to our Board of Directors.


Software Product Strategy

Unite behind a clear organizational vision

Ignite your software product strategy with a purposeful vision. ITX product strategists engage your teams and users to sharpen your focus across the competitive landscape. Stakeholders united behind a shared product vision are energized to support it with a cohesive strategy.

User Experience Design

See the world as your users do

Does your product solve real problems for real people?Understanding the problem your product solves is valuable only when you know who you are solving it for. ITX UX designers merge the insights distilled from user research with the logic of structure and flow. When crafting your product solution, we consider all interactions and workflows that connect your users with their job to be done.

Architecture, Development & Security

Embed a higher level of quality from the ground up 

Quality construction requires a solid foundation that is scalable, modular, and extensible. ITX Delivery Teams engineer each element of the user experience from the ground up to also ensure its functionality, compliance, and security. We flex and adapt our broad skill sets to mesh with our client partners to efficiently deliver your product solution.

Data Science

Learn fast. Act confidently. Measure wisely.

Unleash the predictive capabilities of AI and machine learning to help validate your business decisions. You will quickly discover the competitive edge that comes from transforming untapped data assets nto actionable knowledge. Solve challenging business problems with greater accuracy and speed. Automate resource-intensive processes that were once only manual. Monitor, measure, and continuously improve the user experience.

Product Marketing

Optimize your brand with a full suite of agency services

In today’s digital world, content is still king – and its realm is more vast than ever before. Whether you are revamping a brand identity, creating a cutting-edge website, or designing an innovative mobile app or digital marketing campaign, content has a whole new meaning – and limitless opportunities. Our creative and technical specialists bring a broad array of skills to deliver your message consistently across every point of contact.

Recent Work

Immediate Growth and Market Share


142% monthly orders

Double-Digit Growth with New Product


20% online submissions