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10 Reasons to Prioritize Flow Efficiency over Resource Efficiency

Overcoming the Resource Efficiency Paradox

“Transformation comes more from pursuing profound questions than seeking practical answers.”
– Peter Block, author of The Answer to How Is Yes

Many Scrum teams’ sprint burndowns look like a cliff, with numerous backlog items in progress at the same time, and most not marked ‘done’ until the end of the sprint.

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Why a Digital Content Strategy Is Your Website’s Superpower

Your business’ website projects the ultimate first impression, so it’s worth making it well-designed and responsive. But an effective website requires more than just wise aesthetic choices.   To create a site that generates leads and informs buying decisions, you need to make it influential. And, the bulk of your influence comes from content.  From strong …

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Understanding DevOps Practices

Illustration representing DevOps

What is DevOps? It’s a buzz word, to be sure. It’s a practice. It’s a process. It’s a culture. It’s a tool set. It’s all of those things, and more. Sometimes, its definition will change depending on who you ask and what problems their organization faces.

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Illustration representing DevOps

Accessible Design Inspires Innovation for All

In this final post of my 3-part series on Digital Accessibility, I close by contending that the future of accessibility is here – and it’s time to get on board. In Part 1, I asserted that digital access was a human right requiring our protection. I laid out a strong business case in Part 2 that studied the economic benefits of accessibility. Here, I conclude with one final argument and declare that the future of accessibility is now.

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The Business Case for Accessible Design

In this second of our 3-part blog series on Digital Accessibility, we present the business case in favor of digital accessibility. In Part 1, we argued the moral imperative and studied the legal consequences for infringing this basic human right. Here, we argue in support of accessible design by examining the economic benefits for businesses in service to vast, underserved market segments.


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Dos & Don’ts of Adobe ColdFusion Migration 

Adobe ColdFusion is a robust and reliable development platform for many businesses. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll stay on ColdFusion forever. Even if you’ve been using the platform for years, there are many reasons you might want to make the switch to a platform like NodeJS, Rails, or Java.   Perhaps you’re ready to scale …

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5 Signs You Need ColdFusion Support 

When it comes to maintaining robust web applications, Adobe ColdFusion is a tried-and-true development platform. However, general ColdFusion adoption is in decline, and Adobe is retiring old versions of the software. In 2022, successfully running ColdFusion web applications requires more external support than ever. If you’re developing, managing, and troubleshooting your web applications in house, you could be overlooking some serious …

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