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Insights Into Product Management with Cliff Gilley

Cliff Gilley, VP Analyst of Research, completes the lineup of Keynote Day speakers for the 2024 ITX Product + Design Conference. Inviting a research analyst to an event for product managers and UX designers may seem peculiar, but Cliff’s keynote will captivate the audience and showcase his invaluable insights.

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Embracing Human-Centric Product Management

Can the quality of a decision be measured by the amount of data that informed it? Are emotionally intelligent products distinguishably better than their website data-driven counterparts? Product managers struggling to find their voice as they develop their careers are inundated with recommendations emphasizing one or the other, but are these poles mutually exclusive?

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting Christian Idiodi, of Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) on Product Momentum, ITX’s award-winning podcast. Christian’s insights into product management are inspiring and practical. As a top contender for the nicest person in product, he was generous enough to share a map to chart one’s growth that strikes a balance between the essential elements of business health and human empathy.

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Ryan Rumsey: Changing the Narrative Around Design Leadership

Ryan Rumsey, a seasoned design executive and 2024 Product + Design conference speaker, aims to reshape the narrative around design leadership. At the upcoming event, he will lead a workshop and keynote, sharing innovative insights into visualizing metrics and integrating design with business strategies for transformative success.

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Breaking Down Product Ops with Denise Tilles

Join Denise Tilles at the 2024 ITX Product + Design Conference as she explains Product Ops, empowering attendees with insights to drive organizational success. Learn from her journey, where innovation meets streamlined decision-making.

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How Product + Design Work Together To Build ‘A Better Future’

3 Tips from Jared Spool (Strategic UX) and Roman Pichler (Product)

Compared with other software development disciplines, product management and user experience (UX) design are still pretty young professions. That said, they’re maturing rapidly and growing more specialized every day. As their evolution continues, it isn’t always clear who’s responsible for what on a product team and how best they can work together (we offered guidance on this topic in a post last year). Maybe it’s no surprise, then, that UX designers and product managers seem to get in each other’s way on the road to success.

This post canvasses the views that Roman Pichler (PM) and Jared Spool (UX) recently shared in consecutive podcast episodes of Product Momentum. What’s most intriguing about both conversations is how they each arrive at the same desired outcome – improving the lives of end users – despite taking parallel paths.

Jared calls that desired outcome a better future, while Roman describes it as the positive change a product should create. But both agree that whatever the solution, it’s less about building shiny new features or making things look pretty (i.e., outputs). Outcomes always trump the digital knickknacks we create along the way.

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Can You Use ChatGPT AI for Writing? Our UX Writers Think So

It’ll seem so obvious in 10 years, won’t it?

By 2034, Generative AI may well be on its way to Artificial General Intelligence, capable of outperforming humans at most economically valuable tasks. Possibly this AI boom will pop like another dot-com-style bubble, inflated by hype. Or maybe we’ll be living underground, relying on dogs to sniff out machine infiltrators.

Unfortunately, we’re stuck in the present: a time where AI conjecture, hype, and fear swirls around the public sphere. To cut through this noise, we in the ITX User Experience Content team determined there was only one remedy: the scientific method. We put ChatGPT-4 through its paces to understand if it’s something that can add value to our clients’ products. Here’s what we found.

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