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Top 10 LinkedIn Influencer John Maeda Keynotes ITX Conference

Our annual Product + Design Conference returns June 27-28. We’re anticipating product managers and user experience designers from around the region coming together in Rochester, NY for two full days of in-person workshops, keynotes, and conversation with industry thought leaders. And we’re excited to welcome John Maeda to this year’s event as one of our Keynote headlines.

Currently the Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Design at Microsoft, he is also a LinkedIn Top 10 US Influencer , and was named one of the most influential people of the 21st century by Forbes. John served as the President and Chief Executive Officer at the Rhode Island School of Design; he’s been on advisory boards at eBay and Google, and he also served on the board at Wieden + Kennedy and Sonos.

His CV paints a picture of a brilliant mind, teeming with knowledge. Imagine learning from an authority with his depth of experience and unique way of looking at our world. John Maeda is driven by a passionate commitment to elevate the experiences of others by sharing what he has learned, from others. Clearly evident through his notable accomplishments at the Rhode Island School of Design and his annual creation of the comprehensive Design in Tech Report, John Maeda gathers information and finds innovative and impactful ways to share it with others.

Our team is so excited to bring a thought leader of his caliber to our event, opening a world of possibilities for product and design professionals. The ability to learn and connect with others eager to absorb as much as possible from John Maeda and our other invited speakers is an opportunity that doesn’t come often. While much of our work in the technology space spans across the globe, that doesn’t mean we can’t connect with those who celebrate the power of these two disciplines locally.

John Maeda is speaking on Keynote Date, Friday June 28.

Visit our conference page to learn more about this year’s event, read what happened in previous years, and stay informed about what’s to come.

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