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User Experience Design


Bring joy to your users and drive retention by deploying software people love to use.

  • UX and App Flow Research
  • Site Mapping and Wireframing
  • Surveying and Interviewing Users and Stakeholders
  • Usability Testing and Prototyping
  • Visual, Content, and Interaction Design
  • Content Strategy, Copywriting, and SEO

ITX’s UX Design team is a talented collection of technology artists and writers who’ll examine every aspect of your software product’s design. Based on well-considered information architecture, we craft intuitive user interfaces that guide each interaction. And we complement the experience with appealing aesthetics.

Our UX designers and content specialists see the world through your users’ lens, armed with a discerning eye and problem-solver’s approach. As the voice of the user, we transform your vision into fully functional product solutions.


Getting Started with Product Inclusion

Product inclusion is the competitive advantage your business may be missing. Learn what this people-first business imperative is and why it’s mission critical for every business.


24 / How to Overcome Barriers to Innovation

Product people chase innovation. Sometimes we grow frustrated by how much time it takes “to get there” and how many barriers to innovation stand in our way. We’ve been led to believe that sprinting as fast as we can toward innovation will help us catch that lightning in a bottle. All the while failing to …
Jake Knapp
Designer, Author, Person


Accessibility Checklist: UI Design

A seriously simple UI checklist made for designers. Co-created by ITX UX Designers with Susan Pallero, W3C Silver Task Force Participant. This Figma checklist includes links to resources, recommended plugins, and tools to help you stay organized and aligned with your team. The checklist is available in both English and Spanish.


Product Inclusion in Practice: A New

Putting inclusive design standards into practice isn’t easy. In fact, we needed to start from scratch on this site. The goal with this eBook is to provide a transparent glimpse into our product inclusion roadmap.


576% increase in new user growth

ITX’s talented native development team strengthened this client’s market position by leveraging great UX design to create groundbreaking user experiences on wearable devices.


Why a Digital Content Strategy Is Your Website’s Superpower

Your business’ website projects the ultimate first impression, so it’s worth making it well-designed and responsive. But an effective website requires more than just wise aesthetic choices.   To create a site that generates leads and informs buying decisions, you need to make it influential. And, the bulk of your influence comes from content.  From strong …

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