About Us

Our Mission

We deliver technology that solves challenging problems so that our clients can move, touch, and inspire the world.

As a full-service software product development company, at ITX, our focus is on our clients and their successes. What do we mean by “Move, Touch, Inspire”? It’s what our clients do that makes us proud to support them. It’s what we get to brag about because we help to make it happen. By keeping our focus on our clients and their customers, we work together to deliver results.

Our Story

It all began 23 years ago at ITX, and we’ve been growing and learning and sharing our knowledge ever since. With a passion for entrepreneurship, ITX has expanded from its roots in Rochester, NY, to offices around the world. We believe in a “remote first” mindset, where our team members and our clients can feel comfortable working with us from almost anywhere on the globe. Our team is comprised of nearly 300 talented professionals and technologists who demonstrate every day a passion for delivering technology that solves challenging problems for our clients.

We started as a business and technology consulting company. As technology evolved, however, it transformed the way people connect with brands, build relationships, respond to media, and communicate. Over the past two decades, we’ve transitioned our offerings from telecommunications in 1997 to become a full-service software product development company in 2016. Today, we have the privilege of inspiring our team to design and develop websites, mobile applications, Intranets, web portals, integrate APIs, support our client’s software, and much more that keeps people connected and shapes the future of the digital landscape.

Our Values

Along with our mission, our 5 core values have made us successful in the past and what we look for in new team members and clients. Our values serve as a roadmap for our actions and express how we interact with our clients and team members. They are the underlying criteria for all of our actions and decisions.

What Makes Us Proud

“When I consider what we do and how we do it, I’m truly humbled by the effort of all of the people around me to make ITX a success.”

Jonathan Coupal, CTO