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77 / Building Human Solutions for Human Problems

We product leaders work to solve problems that are fundamentally human, explains Tatyana Mamut, Senior VP of New Products at Pendo. By the people. With the people. For the people. Applying a human-centered mindset is key to creating value for our customers. An anthropologist by training, Tatyana brings her unique perspective to how product people … Continued

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Tatyana Mamut

76 / JTBD and the Benefits of Self-Disruption

Jay Haynes, founder and CEO of, guests on this episode of the Product Momentum Podcast. He and Paul discuss market disruption and the role Jobs-To-Be-Done plays in assessing the risks and optimizing the benefits. Jay learned all about the phenomenon of disruption from the late Clay Christensen; it’s what happens when market leaders become … Continued

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Jay Haynes

5 Signs You Need ColdFusion Support 

When it comes to maintaining robust web applications, Adobe ColdFusion is a tried-and-true development platform. However, general ColdFusion adoption is in decline, and Adobe is retiring old versions of the software. In 2022, successfully running ColdFusion web applications requires more external support than ever. If you’re developing, managing, and troubleshooting your web applications in house, you could be overlooking some serious … Continued

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75 / Relatedness: The Catalyst for Care and Creativity

In this final episode of our 3-part series on Self-Determination Theory, Scott Rigby, Ph.D. discusses Relatedness – “the experience of belonging or connection between people.” As product leaders, we feel the power of that connection when a customer says, “Wow, it’s like the people who designed this app were thinking about me when they built … Continued

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Scott Rigby, Ph.D.
Immersyve Inc.

Roets Named Principal Software Engineer as ITX Corp. Continues Growth

December 21, 2021, Rochester, NYITX is proud to announce the promotion of John Roets to the newly established role of Principal Software Engineer. In this role, John will be responsible for the practice of software product development. He will oversee the ongoing adoption of architecture and development techniques that ensure quality, consistency, and performance in every line of code ITX writes. John joined the company 10 years ago, most recently serving as Senior Solution Architect.

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