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64 / Managing User Feedback to Prioritize Your Product Roadmap

Product leaders need to be astute prioritizers. That means we have to say no – a lot. To the sales rep begging us to build “the next big thing.” And to the customer account rep pleading for a flashy new feature. Our response to these cries for help is, “Make your case. Tell me why. … Continued

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Keith Frankel

63 / Unlock Your Inner Genius

Attaining so-called “genius status” – Mozart, Steve Jobs, Einstein spring to mind – seems untouchable to us mere mortals. Or is it. As product people, we have more genius within us than we give ourselves credit for. In this episode of the Product Momentum Podcast, Sean and Matt are joined by Shawn Livermore. The author … Continued

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Shawn Livermore
Product Perfect

Why Adopting a Diverse and Inclusive Mindset Matters in Your Product Development Process

Whether you’re building products for hundreds, thousands, or millions of individuals, design that provides as many points of access as you have users is no longer a nice-to-have. For reasons based not only in social responsibility but in sound business management, inclusive design is a must. And embedding it into our everyday ways of working begins with the designers and design teams whose duty it is to carry the banner forward.

Over the past few years, the UX design team at ITX started thinking about adopting a more inclusive lens in our work and soon came to realize why it was so important to us as designers, but also as human beings.

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62 / Brand Archetypes Help Our Products Speak to the World

Archetype. We don’t have to know what the word means to recognize how it connects our brand with our users. Archetypes help us choose the right words, assemble them in the right order, and communicate the brand experience our users expect. Our brand is how our products speak to the world. In this episode of … Continued

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Margie Agin
Centerboard Marketing

61 / Simple Steps for High-Touch User Engagement

Maybe more than anything else, product people want good, honest, relevant feedback about their products. And their go-to source for the straight-up truth? Moms and best friends. They’re the ones who’ll give you the sort of “big-picture feedback you’re desperate for.” And the best part is they know enough not to give advice you didn’t … Continued

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Rob Fitzpatrick
Entrepreneur, Author