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60 / Define Your Brand With Innovative UX Design

As product people, how do we know when the time is right to “color outside the lines”? Maybe experiment with a new design approach or re-create some of the early Wild West days when design standards were the exception, not the rule. After all, isn’t that a fundamental piece of the innovation puzzle – standing … Continued

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Product Momentum Guest Bill Flora
Bill Flora

59 / Balance Mission & Vision For Great Products

What does it really mean to be obsessed with serving your customers? How can we balance mission and vision to build great products? In this episode, ITX product leader Matt Bush joins Sean in a lively conversation with Esteban Contreras, a Senior Director of Product Management at Hootsuite. Like many so organizations in the space, Hootsuite deftly … Continued

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Product Momentum Podcast guest Esteban Contreras
Esteban Contreras

How We Championed a Product Inclusion Mindset

If the mission of User Experience is to design experiences that improve the lives of others, how can we allow the process we use to conceive these experiences, and ultimately the product or service themselves, to exclude whole segments of people? That is precisely what happens when we allow irresponsible design practices to deliver harm through the experiences we’ve helped create.

To begin to address these flaws, designers need education around inclusion, awareness of what inclusive design looks like, and a pathway to action that embeds inclusive practices into the design and development process.

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Illustration showing inclusion in digital products

58 / Innovate With Continuous Discovery

Innovation is important, especially for digital products. However, it can also be an annoyance if a clear focus on customer needs is not present. In this episode of the Product Momentum Podcast, Sean and Paul talk with Teresa Torres, a product discovery coach focused on continuous discovery. Continuous discovery has numerous benefits for companies, product people, and … Continued

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Product Momentum Guest Teresa Torres
Teresa Torres
Product Talk Academy

57 / The Product-Led Organization

  What does “product-led” really mean, and how can you leverage it in your personal practice and throughout your organization? In this episode, Sean and Paul catch up with Terrence Liverpool, AVP, Consumer Bank Digital Product Manager at Synchrony Bank. Terrence brings a wealth of insights that come from working across the digital sector at … Continued

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Product Momentum Podcast guest Terrence Liverpool
Terrence Liverpool