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Breaking Down Product Ops with Denise Tilles

What is Product Ops?

It’s a buzz word, it’s a new concept. It’s certainly an idea that has many different definitions, depending on who you ask and where they work.

At its core, Product Operations provides product managers and product teams with the support they need to make faster, better-quality decisions. These inputs can come from business and data insights, customer and market research, and processes and practices.

For Denise Tilles, it’s a powerful practice that any organization that wishes to scale should seriously consider.

Denise is a product leader, consultant, and coach, helping organizations strengthen capabilities around Product Operations, Product Strategy, and Product Operating Models. And she’s coming to the 2024 ITX Product + Design Conference to share more about Product Ops.

A Lightbulb Moment of Innovation

Before becoming a consultant, Denise could be found deep in the product world with years of experience leading product teams. At one important point in her career, she had the opportunity to add to the team at her organization – specific roles, in fact, that would help the product managers do their jobs. The new capabilities that were brought on spurred more innovation and creation, and at the end of that year the company launched a new product that brought in more revenue than predicted.

The thrill that came with this real-life case study stayed with her for a while. And it wasn’t until she began consulting with Melissa Perri, CEO and founder of Produx Labs, that she understood what had occurred back then. As she learned more about Product Operations, Denise realized that it was the exact same thing her previous team experienced that had produced such impressive results. A lightbulb moment indeed.

Isn’t that often how new concepts develop? Even Denise sought clarity around Product Operations at the organizations where she consulted. Her clients were asking the same questions: what is it? why is it important? can it really help our organization?

Denise saw an opportunity to come up with a common understanding for Product Ops. So, with Melissa Perri, they wrote a book called Product Operations. It arms product leaders with the information they need to define winning product strategies using the right metrics, implement structures and processes to scale, and measure the success of those actions.

This June, Denise will bring her insights and knowledge on Product Operations to our P+D Conference Keynote Day. Her talk will reveal even more about Product Operations and dig deep into how it can help. As an added bonus, Keynote Day attendees can go home with a complimentary copy of Product Operations to continue their learning.

Learn more about Product Operations.

Join us on Keynote Day to learn from Denise Tilles, Michael Sacca, John Maeda, and more.

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