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Tips to Ease the Transition to Responsive Design

As technology constantly evolves, many companies look to add mobile sites, mobile applications and Web apps to expand their digital presence and to engage with their customers. But keeping up with the latest addition to the digital world can be time-consuming and expensive. The responsive design methodology provides a solution to these important concerns.

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Native Versus Mobile App Development

There is currently much controversy over which mobile apps are better — native applications or mobile cloud applications. To examine this controversy, it is important to look at the differences between developing mobile cloud apps and native apps.

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5 Questions to Find Your Killer App!

We are all now connected 24 hours a day with access to information and tools that define how we interact with the world. We make decisions based upon which companies are easiest to do business with and which make incremental improvements in our lives. So how do you find the killer app in your industry or market? Start by asking these five questions.

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Top 7 Lead Generation Tactics

Lead generation is not about building up your email database. It is about getting people to ask for more information about what you sell. Lead generation must be done with a focus on making the sale.

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Creating Results Through Strategy

ITX is proud to launch our first video introducing our One Day Strategy Workshop. As technology is constantly evolving and changing, most businesses are struggling to decide which new channel is the right one for them. ITX’s One Day Strategy Workshop is engineered to help you determine how to properly steward your organization’s precious resources into solutions that will propel you to success.

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