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A podcast community featuring the brightest minds in the software space and the passionate problem solvers who shape our future.

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Discover what it takes to create a powerful product experience.

More than a podcast, Product Momentum is a marketplace of ideas where leaders and learners come together to share insights that benefit our entire community.

With all our recent episodes now available on the Product Momentum YouTube channel, you can catch all your favorite thought leaders in Product, UX, Security, and Engineering in video and traditional listening platforms!

Hosted by Sean Flaherty and Paul Gebel, be sure to tune in as industry leaders describe their approach to building successful products. Whether you’re a freshly minted product manager, a seasoned UX designer, or an engineer looking to make your mark, there’s plenty here to level up your game and help your team solve real-world problems with software.

Nearly 150 episodes now available, you can explore a broad range of expert insights you won’t find anywhere else.


Featuring experts from Product, UX, Engineering (and beyond), our guests dish out useful advice to create a compelling learning experience.

Teresa Torres, Marty Cagan, Jake Knapp, April Dunford, Adrienne Tan, Mike Belsito, and more. Each guest is an industry thought leader eager to share their best practices with you.

Product Marketing

April Dunford


Image of Jake Knapp
Jake Knapp


Christian Idiodi Portrait
Christian Idiodi

Personal Value

Image of Adrienne Tan
Adrienne Tan

UX Leadership

Jesse James Garrett


Stephen M. R. Covey

Product Strategy

Roman Pichler

Continuous Discovery

Image of Teresa Torres
Teresa Torres

UX Research

Jared Spool

Community of Practice

Petra Wille


Product Momentum brings together product professionals who are devoted to improving the lives of others through software:

Product Managers

applying leadership tactics and best practices.

Designers & Engineers

solving problems to enhance the lives of their users.

Movers & Makers

blending urgency & stewardship to optimize ROI.

meet the hosts

Sean Flaherty

Image of Sean Flaherty
EVP of Innovation at ITX.
Sean’s commitment to research is revealed in his extensive thought leadership; his passion lies at the intersection of trust, empathy, and innovation.

Paul Gebel

VP of Delivery at ITX. Paul’s approach to every conversation is as a fellow learner, seeking answers to questions so that he and every listener come away with practical solutions to complex problems.

Product Momentum, LIVE from ‘The Big Apple’

NY Product Conference 2024.

Sean Flaherty and Paul Gebel conducted exclusive 1:1 interviews with some of NYPC’s 2024 keynotes: April Dunford, Gabrielle Bufrem, Denise Tilles, Zoia Kozakov, and Holly Hester-Reilly. Special thanks to Mike Belsito, Paul McAvinchey, and the Product Collective team for the partnership!

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