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The ITX Product Momentum Podcast

Featuring the brightest minds shaping the product industry.

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About the podcast

What does it take to create a powerful customer experience?

The ITX Product Momentum Podcast answers this question and more. Ranked #2 on the Top Product Podcasts to Follow in 2022 by the Association of Product Professionals, we invite renowned industry leaders to share how they created successful products. Together we dive into their wells of knowledge to solve the challenges product professionals face every day. With nearly 100 episodes now available, experience insights you won’t find anywhere else.

our Guest speakers

Featuring familiar faces in the product space and beyond

Begin your journey with episodes offering fresh perspectives on our everyday practices.


Image of Stephen Covey
Stephen Covey


Image of Jake Knapp
Jake Knapp


Image in Marty Cagan
Marty Cagan

Personal Value

Image of Adrienne Tan
Adrienne Tan

User Experience

Jesse James Garrett

Digital Accessibility

Sheri Byrne-Haber

Business Management

Steven Haines Portrait image
Steven Haines

Product Leadership

Janna Bastow Guest Speaker at Product Momentum Podcast
Janna Bastow

Create Meaning

Image of Chris O'Donnell
Chris O’Donnell

Continuous Discovery

Image of Teresa Torres
Teresa Torres

Career Path

Image of Liz Li
Liz Li


Radhika Dutt Portrait
Radhika Dutt

Who Should Listen

The ITX Product Momentum Podcast brings together people devoted to improving the lives of others through software:

Product Managers

discovering hands-on leadership tactics and best practices.

UX Designers & Developers

geeking out over latest technology trends.

Problem Solvers

bringing urgency to addressing user pain points.

meet the hosts

Sean Flaherty

Image of Sean Flaherty
EVP of Innovation at ITX.
Co-founder of the ITX Product Momentum Podcast, Sean’s extensive thought leadership lies at the intersection of trust, empathy, and innovation.

Paul Gebel

Image of Paul Gebel
Director of Product Innovation at ITX. His “boots on the ground” product leadership helps high-profile clients solve complex business problems with custom software solutions.

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