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Rapid Deployment Accelerates Paychex Client Self-Onboarding Strategy

Success Story

Paychex is dedicated to enabling new clients to self-onboard to the company’s vast suite of services at their own pace, significantly reducing the need for human intervention. Part of their vision is to extend this self-onboarding capability to include a broader range of products and sales entry points beyond the website. To realize this vision, Paychex asked ITX to help expand their Client Self-Onboarding (CSO) strategy and digital platform, creating and building a seamless pathway for their clients to onboard independently. Paychex and ITX continue their long technology partnership through this strategic engagement,  empowering customers to self-serve, freeing up Paychex sales and support personnel to concentrate their efforts where they are more keenly needed.

Meet Paychex.

Paychex is a leader in the highly competitive payroll, benefits, and retirement planning industry. Serving small- to medium-sized companies, they are committed to delivering fast, easy, software solutions helping employees and administrators to manage their work-related commitments. As the global workforce grows more mobile, Paychex works hard to stay ahead of the curve, providing innovative solutions and critical tools that boost their users’ productivity.

Definitely one of the most successful and rapid standups of teams I’ve seen. ITX jumped into the mix of an existing system and hit the date! This work just went into beta, and we can’t wait to see the sales start coming through.

Jeremy Durham,
Sr. Director, Portfolio Strategy & Implementation, Paychex


  • Paychex customers sought ready access to a wider variety of Paychex products, including the ability to quickly onboard with interaction from support or service on an as-needed basis.
  • The expansion of CSO to include additional entry points (i.e., sales and service) called for third-party integrations with additional CRM tools and systems.
  • The Paychex Service team needed visibility into the system – through their onboarding wizard – to monitor client progress and to provide assistance, if needed.


Achieving Paychex’s CSO vision required a significant amount of foundation and expansion work, both with regards to new services and user interface enhancements. ITX’s goal was to rapidly stand up two new cross-functional teams to help their Paychex counterparts deliver the new features and functionality against a strict deadline.


Our new ITX teams partnered seamlessly with internal Paychex teams to expand the number of products and entry points supported by CSO, including  user and client validation. Specifically, we:

  • Developed from scratch a service that ensures company and user information meets business rule constraints.
  • Converted the service in a way that optimizes the latest technology for updating the service team with respect to client status.
  • Provided appropriate product validation logic to enable customers to onboard with their products properly configured.


By rapidly assembling and deploying two product teams to support Paychex’s CSO strategy, ITX demonstrated its unwavering commitment to their vision. Five months post-launch, Paychex observed significant growth in new client self-onboarding:

Five months post-launch, Paychex saw significant growth in new client self-onboarding (CSO)

  • 59% of eligible sales-driven clients have accessed the Paychex environment via CSO.
  • 94% of those have initiated CSO activities.
  • 90% of those have run payroll as active Paychex clients.

Through this latest strategic engagement, Paychex and ITX continue their long technology partnership. As the global workforce grows more mobile, Paychex works hard to stay ahead of the curve, providing innovative solutions and critical tools that boost their users’ productivity.

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