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Product inclusion professionals ready to tackle your toughest accessibility challenges

Overlays, plugins, and automated tools miss the mark. Product inclusion is a human problem and requires a human solution.

Services & Solutions

ITX is your partner for product accessibility strategy and execution.

Accessibility Audit

Need to understand how your current product measures up?

Our team will perform a thorough accessibility analysis of your product and will prioritize the recommendations so that you can take the best path forward.


Ready to meet a new accessibility standard?

Once we understand the accessibility of your product, our team of designers, developers, and testers will execute on a tailored roadmap to ensure your product meets the right standard for your situation.


Seeking validation or training for your team, from tactics to process?

Our accessibility experts help you adopt an inclusion mindset with the latest tools and training. We’ll get you set up with a new way of thinking and working or validate the path you’re on.

Grow your user base with accessibility

ITX takes a people-focused approach to accessibility.

Committed to raising the bar, we maintain expertise across the full spectrum of needs: research, design, development, and maintenance.

Why Product Inclusion Matters

Product inclusion is a cornerstone concept that drives accessibility.

Applying an inclusive lens throughout the product design and development process can help create better, more accessible products that accelerate business growth. Here’s how you benefit.

Enhance Your Brand

Inclusion has a clear social benefit, and research shows that most U.S. consumers want companies to prioritize this.

Extend Your Reach

When we exclude people, we create barriers and inequality. We also limit our potential for growth and impact.

Drive Innovation

Incorporating diverse approaches and perspectives leads to better ideas, and accessibility features often solve unanticipated problems.

Minimize Legal Risk

Accessibility rights are protected in many countries, and lawsuits are up almost 25% year-on-year according to a 2020 report.

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