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Radhika Dutt Joins Product + Design Conference 2023 Speaker List

Author of Radical Product Thinking to Offer Workshop, Keynote

Shortly before publishing our June 2020 podcast episode with Radhika Dutt, she posted an article entitled, What’s sucking momentum from your product development journey – and what you can do about it. As soon as I read that piece, I knew we needed to invite Radhika to guest on our Product Momentum pod. The fit was just too good.

Here we are, 3 years on, and the fit is just as strong.

We’re excited to welcome Radhika to conduct a workshop and deliver a keynote address during our 2-day Product + Design Conference, here in Rochester, NY on June 22-23!

Radhika – an entrepreneur, product leader, and author of Radical Product Thinking: A New Mindset for Innovating Smarter, joins UX and product management legends Jesse James Garrett and Rich Mironov on an increasingly impressive speaker line-up.

She launched the notion of Radical Product Thinking as a framework to help us product people progress beyond lean agility and speed, and as a movement for leaders creating vision-driven change.

“We innovate faster because we’re lean and agile,” she said in an interview with Productized, “but the problem is they don’t tell us where we need to go. They’re good for execution, but not for defining the direction.

That’s where Radical Product Thinking comes in, she added, helping product people define the change we’re trying to the world – at least our little corner of it.

Product vision and strategy, prioritized roadmaps, and collaborative peers in product + design remain vitally important to building products that address user pain points. But when we can align our team and organization around those ingredients for success, we build a solid base for making the difficult decisions as product + design leaders.

Join Radhika Dutt, Jesse James Garrett, and Rich Mironov (more speakers coming soon!) at the ITX Product + Design Conference 2023. June 22-23, in Rochester, NY. Early-bird tickets are available until April 21. Learn more!

Peter Sullivan is Producer of ITX’s Product Momentum podcast and a student of Product and Design processes that work. As ITX’s Marketing Content Lead, he spearheads our efforts to deliver thought leadership that helps Product makers and UX designers understand and shape the future. 

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