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What is the Product + Design Conference?

A rundown of the ITX product- and design-focused event.

ICYMI, we announced the dates for our 2023 Product + Design Conference!

If you went to our 2022 Product + Design Conference, you might be just as excited as we are (which includes clearing your schedules for June 22 and 23.) If you weren’t able to make it, or you have no idea what we’re talking about, let me explain.

What is the Product + Design Conference?

The Product + Design Conference, hosted by ITX, is an in-person gathering of product and design professionals from across the country and around the globe. We meet in Rochester, NY for two full days of workshops, keynotes, and conversation with industry thought leaders, and more importantly, connecting and learning with each other.

Our conference team selects thought leaders whose philosophies align with our conference goals: training our team members, deepening relationships with clients, and elevating our visibility in the Rochester community.

Day 1 includes small group, intimate workshops. Attendees choose either a product track or design track; either way, they work closely with other professionals from their field. On the second day, we gather to hear inspiring keynotes from our speakers.

While the workshops are specialty-focused, all attendees can learn from professionals in both the product and design fields. It’s a “best of both worlds” opportunity!

With plenty of breaks built in to the agenda, there’s lots of time to meet new people, catch up with peers or contacts in your networks, and learn from others in your industry. And there’s free food.

How did the P + D Conference come to be?

ITX is a global team dedicated to continuous innovation. We have our pick of professional development courses and conferences that our team members can attend, but at ITX we believe in the power that comes from learning and growing together. Not only with our co-workers, but also with client teammates and new-found friends.

What better way to share our knowledge and celebrate the atmosphere of collective learning than by inviting clients and contacts outside of ITX to join us?

Not only do they get to enjoy teachings from some of the best and brightest in the industry, but they get a first-hand look as to how we learn and grow.

Product and Design together? Aren’t they two different practice areas?

Sure, we could put on two separate conferences and let our team members attend the conference that better suits their roles. We’ve done so in the past.

But no more, and for a few good reasons.

Our product teams and design teams work in tandem, each bringing their shared and unique perspectives to their work. Bountiful outcomes occur from the partnerships, for our clients and for our team members. When it came time to plan this event, grouping product and design together not only made logical sense but also broadened the horizons of our product managers and UX designers as they learned even more about how the other worked.

When does the conference happen?

We typically aim for a conference date of mid- to late-June. It’s the ideal time of year to bring our teams together as we welcome the warm summer weather to Western New York. (And remain well outside any late winter weather that surges toward Rochester.)

This year, our Product + Design Conference will be happening on Thursday, June 22 and Friday, June 23. It also happens to be the first weekend of the critically acclaimed Rochester International Jazz Festival, in case you need another great reason to attend our conference.

Wow, this sounds cool. Can I come?

Of course! We offer two ticket options. Choose between –

  • The 2-day workshop and keynote ticket, or
  • The one-day keynote-only ticket.

Early bird pricing is now available! Get your ticket now, and lock in a lower individual or team rate!

I still have questions; where can I find more information?

Check out last year’s event page and find an overview of what happened. We’ve included the agendas from both conference days, photos from our larger-than-life keynotes, and testimonials from previous attendees. While the 2023 conference topics will stray from last year’s, you can bet that they’ll be just as informative and inspirational.

I must register for this conference now! Where do I go to save my spot?

We like your enthusiasm! And lucky for you, our ticket sales for the event are now live!

As we confirm more details about the conference – including who our speakers will be, the agendas for the workshops and keynotes, and more – we’ll be sure to share. To stay up to date, check out the 2023 conference page. This is the best place to find it all, and you have the choice to sign up for email alerts when we have exciting conference information to share.

We’ll see you there.

A portrait of blog author Stephanie Caito.

Stephanie Caito is a Marketing Project Manager at ITX. Working alongside the conference production team, she plans, manages, and directs the logistics of ITX conferences, bringing value to some of the largest professional gatherings happening in the region.

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