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QuickBooks Hosting


How to Connect to the ITX QuickBooks Cluster

This page is intended for our customers that are connecting to the ITX QuickBooks Cluster (QBC).

Prior to connecting, you’ll need to download the RDP configuration file for your operating system.

This file is preconfigured to connect you to our QBC cluster.

With this file, you’ll only need your username and password to get connected to the server and begin using QuickBooks.

You’ll also need to install our new universal print driver using the download link below.


If you need further assistance, please contact the ITX Production Support team from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, at 1.800.600.7785 (option 1), or fill out a help desk request form.


QuickBooks Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

When you use the RDP client from Microsoft or the ITX server, you can choose to map your local disks through the Remote Desktop connection into the terminal services environment. This is done by clicking the “Options” button on the first window that appears, then clicking on the “Local Resources” tab. Check the box marked “Disk Drives”, and your drive will appear as a networked drive in the server environment. If you download the prebuilt distribution package (this zip file) we have preset this option for you.

ITX performs a nightly backup of the QuickBooks files from the server and securely transfers them to an offsite location.

Yes, you can copy files into your own computer’s hard drive through the drive mapping mechanism provided in the Remote Desktop client.

Yes, you can generate and email PDF’s directly from the QuickBooks software. This is a function provided by the software itself.

No, this is a feature that, for security reasons, ITX has chosen to refrain from issuing to its CPA clients. ITX support personnel can, however, provide remote support through desktop sharing in the event a client needs special assistance with a process.

The server is set up to recover your session if you disconnect and attempt to reconnect within 15 minutes. After that time it assumes that you forgot to log off and terminates the session.

ITX does not represent Intuit or QuickBooks, but we have found that QuickBooks recovers quite gracefully from a terminated session or service disruption, and have not seen any loss of data due to terminated connections. If this occurs QuickBooks may seem unresponsive for several moments; be patient, as it is probably making sure that its data is intact.

Some versions will work on the same system, but under limited conditions. Check with your ITX sales representative for specifics.

Intuit currently places no limit on the number of QuickBooks files that you can have on the system.

Yes, the QuickBooks hosting environment is secure. Located in a guarded hosting facility, with multiple-level firewalls in place, the system is safe from outside intrusion. The use of Microsoft’s Group Policy also allows us to lock down the desktop environment as well. File permissions are set up so that only you can your clients can get at their files.

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