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Digital Dashboard Delivers 80% User Satisfaction; Lead-Gen Site Converts Prospects to Participants


Our long-time client asked ITX to help craft a solution that would draw more participants to its retirement planning tool and encourage more frequent use.

We considered multiple user types and made sure that the new marketing and data visualization solutions would meet their needs. We then created a feature-rich, interactive web application connected securely to the individual participant data with an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard as the showpiece. The new dashboard provided plan participants with quick, easy access to their 401(k) participant information.

To round out the solution, we built an external, lead-gen marketing site that enabled the client to drive product traction among both direct customers and their employee-users. Combined with product marketing best practices that were embedded into the site, ITX accelerated conversion of site visitors to paying clients.

Meet the Client.

Our client is a leading provider of employer-sponsored retirement plans tailored to small-and medium-sized businesses. They provide financial institutions and retirement advisors with white label services and the tools needed to serve their customers.

Since we launched the Marketing Site, we are generating leads and gaining organic traffic at an incredible rate. Just to give an example, we have got more leads in a week since launch than the leads generated in the last 18 years. We are being booked for demos and lots of inquiries in our sales department. We only regret not doing this earlier.”

Senior Client Leader


Build, launch, and optimize a software product solution that drives revenue while increasing user participation. Support that functionality with a customer-facing marketing site to expand the product’s reach and communicate product value.


Confusion with the existing product failed to resolve participants’ retirement planning anxiety. Their inability to quickly access relevant plan information and to understand complex terms resulted in greatly diminished use. In the absence of a strong marketing website, traditional sales efforts and paper materials were the only way for new users to discover the value created by the product. Digital lead generation and user enrollment was not even possible.


ITX’s product marketing team developed a full-funnel marketing approach: digital outreach generates organic leads and encourages visitors to the site. Mid-funnel activities deepen our relationship with businesses looking for a 401(k) management system for their employees. Once on the site, plan participants now enjoy a delightful experience. The Participant Dashboard offers easy access to relevant plan information. And the Retirement Outlook Calculator helps participants envision a more successful retirement. Both new product features drive user satisfaction and engagement.

ITX’s continued enhancements to the client’s online platform demonstrate our strong belief in the Continuous Innovation approach. We see our clients’ software products as assets to be nurtured.


Post-launch Trends.

Does our 401(k) planning tool meet your needs?

  • 80% Participant satisfaction rate. Key new product features deliver high, sustained levels of product value to 401(k) plan participants, driving engagement.
  • Immediately consistent web traffic. Net-new marketing site instantly enables self-education from potential product buyers, energizing the sales process.


  • With the new Marketing site, ITX delivered the customer-facing communication vehicle our client needed to welcome qualified leads deep into the marketing funnel.
  • The refreshed Participant site provided the interactive experience users asked for and helped to generate

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