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Managed DevOps Services. Leverage ColdFusion to Drive Efficiencies in D2C e-Commerce


When WineDirect kicked off a multi-year migration from its monolith architecture to a microservices one, they called on ITX to maintain the ColdFusion legacy system that runs their vast e-commerce business. Our multi-functional team quickly revealed its extensive experience with ColdFusion and sophisticated DevOps mindset.

We embedded ITX ColdFusion experts within the WineDirect team to familiarize ourselves with their large, complex applicaton. Together, we delivered dramatic reductions in platform maintenance costs and sustained their growing D2C client base. Our impact on WineDirect’s ROI and brand reputation was significant, immediate, and ongoing. ITX continues to provide the necessary system support and maintenance as WineDirect migrates to its new e-commerce platform.

Meet the Client.

WineDirect provides e-commerce solutions to a growing client base of wineries in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Their core mission is to help their clients sell directly to consumers by providing end-to-end sales solutions – from e-commerce to fulfillment – and educational materials designed to help them expand.

To everyone at ITX, thank you so much for all you do for us at WineDirect. We couldn’t satisfy our customers, accomplish our goals, and be the company we want to be without you. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership for many years to come, just like the one we’ve enjoyed in these recent years.

Jim Agger,
Senior VP Commerce Product Development, WineDirect


Provide immediate maintenance and support to WineDirect’s ColdFusion legacy application; ensure PCI regulatory compliance. Stabilize, then help grow, their client base as WineDirect migrates to a new e-commerce system. Protect their revenue and reputation by applying DevOps best practices to streamline the development cycle, document the process, and accelerate code deployments.


  • WineDirect was migrating away from the ColdFusion-based platform that drives their expansive D2C ecommerce platform business.
  • During the migration, the platform required ongoing maintenance to mitigate the system downtime that threatened their clients’ revenue and reputation.
  • The legacy application is enormous and complex, having undergone numerous modifications and integrations over time, with almost no documentation available.


  • Stabilize the application environment: conduct a comprehensive code audit; resolve legacy code issues; and automate the pipeline using DevOps best practices to accelerate code deployments.
  • Create development process documentation where none existed before.
  • Support WineDirect’s staffing needs with multi-skilled DevOps engineers and developers to free up WineDirect resources devoted to their e-commerce migration.


During the Initial 10 Months of Engagement.

  • 700% Spike in tickets closed demonstrates clear evidence of ITX’s comfort level with ColdFusion as a technology and a DevOps mindset.
  • 83% Decrease in time required to close a ticket, driving efficiencies and building confidence throughout WineDirect’s customer base.


  • ITX experience with ColdFusion technology delivered immediate efficiencies and cost reductions: a 700% increase in tickets resolved, coupled with an 83% decline in time required to resolve a ticket.
  • Following a rigorous regulatory review, WineDirect received PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 compliance – the most stringent standard for handling credit card data.
  • Our DevOps engineers stabilized the monolith architecture and automated the application’s monitoring system, allowing administrators to resolve problems before impacting users.

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