ITX Corp. Expansion Continues with Launch of Data Science Offering

Melissa Royo Tapped to Lead New Service Area

Data Science leverages the power of analytics technology platforms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise, and industry acumen to help clients unleash business transformation

August 20, 2020  Rochester, NYITX Corp., a leading producer of custom software products headquartered in Rochester, NY, announced today the launch of its Data Science offering. The new service area marks the second major addition to the company’s collection of offerings in as many years. In June 2018, the company introduced its Marketing Services offering, following the acquisition of eMedia Marketing Services, based in Cincinnati, OH.

With the launch of the data science offering, ITX now helps clients confidently validate business decisions through the power of predictive analysis.

“We have long used data and analytics to help measure the effectiveness of our work and produce inspiring results for our clients,” said ITX President Fred Beer. “This announcement formalizes that history by making data science an official ITX practice – one that is capable of contributing advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to further enhance the value we provide to clients.”

The new offering delivers powerful new capabilities to ITX customers, allowing them to:

  • Solve challenging business problems with greater accuracy and speed.
  • Automate resource-intensive processes that were once entirely manual.
  • Monitor, measure, and continuously improve the customer experience.

ITX also announced the hiring of Melissa Royo as Director of the Data Science practice group. Royo, most recently Lead Data Scientist at Brand Networks, earned Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Applied Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her particular areas of specialty include prediction, visualization, and data consultancy.

Data Science gives us the tools we need to access and analyze previously untapped client datasets to address questions that were either too resource intensive or otherwise impossible to answer.

Melissa Royo, ITX Director of Data Science

“What excites me most about bringing data science to ITX is the incredible fit,” Royo said. “The focus we place on continuous innovation to help clients solve complex business problems is precisely what data science is meant to do,” she added. “It gives us the tools we need to access and analyze previously untapped client datasets to address questions that were either too resource intensive or otherwise impossible to answer.”

Royo and her team will be working alongside ITX’s two dozen product teams, each presenting a dynamic blend of highly skilled architects, UX/UI designers, developers, and product strategists to add new value to the rich relationships they’ve established with their client team counterparts.

This new service provides yet another opportunity for ITX to deliver increased value to our clients. Our data science team will help them understand the stories their data have been dying to tell. 

Ralph Dandrea, ITX Founder & CEO

With the addition of the data science offering, continued collaboration between ITX and their client partners will include transforming data from rudimentary operational reporting to predictive analytics in an environment of rapid migration to cloud-based analytics and AI.  

“The culture at ITX combines continuous learning and innovation alongside our clients, for the singular purpose of delivering increased value,” said ITX CEO Ralph Dandrea. “This new service provides yet another opportunity for ITX to do just that. Our data science team will help our clients understand the stories their data have been dying to tell. When we bring that data to life, they will discover the limitless opportunities of predictive analysis to drive positive business transformation through better decision making.”

About ITX Corp. ITX delivers software solutions to challenging business problems so that its clients can move, touch, and inspire the world. Since 1997, ITX and its more than 250 technology designers, product specialists, architects, and engineers have powered the development of customized software, digital tools, and web-based solutions worthy of the most treasured brands. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, ITX boasts a truly global presence with team members located across the United States, throughout the Americas, and around the world.

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