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Product Momentum Live at Pendomonium 2023

Recorded live on Oct. 19 at the Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh, NC


The Product Momentum podcast team took the show on the road, thanks to a gracious invitation from our friends at Pendo, to record fresh new episodes before a live audience at Pendomonium 2023: A Festival of Product.

By conducting 4 exclusive conversations with conference keynote speakers and presenters, co-hosts Sean Flaherty and Kyle Psaty welcomed Todd Olson + Trisha Price, Yochai Konig, Jay Brewer + Zhuldyz Alimbek, and Quincy Olatunde to the Product Momentum thought leadership community, joining the brightest minds in the product software space!

Christine Itwaru, Principal Strategist at Pendo and guest of episode 122, The Human Connection: The Tie that Binds Product Teams + Users, also stopped by our studio for a quick chat with Sean & Kyle.


AI Dominates the Conversation

Our mission has not changed. And the tools to achieve it are getting better. Now is the time to unlock the mystery of artificial intelligence and discover new ways to meet user needs, realize business goals, and pursue individual passions.

Tune in to learn how our experts are using AI to advance their mission.

Entering the Age of Intelligence.
Head Shot of Todd Olson and Trisha Price
Todd Olson, Chief Executive Officer, Pendo & Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer, Pendo
Taking an AI-first Approach to Product Development.
Head Shot of Yochai Koning
Yochai Konig, Vice President, Machine Learning & AI, Ada
Revolutionize Your Product Development Process with Customer Feedback.
Jay Brewer, SVP, Digital Product Design & Zhuldyz Alimbek, UX Researcher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Audience-first Innovation: How to Use Data to Create People-Centric Products.
Head Shot of Quincy Olatunde
Quincy Olatunde, VP of Products, Direct-to-Consumer, Peacock

Watch and listen to these four special episodes

meet the hosts

Sean Flaherty

Image of Sean Flaherty
EVP of Innovation at ITX.
Sean’s commitment to research is revealed in his extensive thought leadership; his passion lies at the intersection of trust, empathy, and innovation.

Kyle Psaty

Portrait of Head Shot of Kyle Psaty
VP of Marketing at ITX.
Kyle combines a background in ad tech and journalism to lead a team of powerful storytellers in the planning and execution of ITX’s marketing strategy.

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