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Apple Watch App with Mobile Integration Delivers Competitive Advantage


Today’s global economy demands nimble solutions that match the needs of an increasingly distributed workforce. That’s why our long-time client partner asked ITX to build a powerful, easy-to-use mobile app – including an Apple Watch integration – to help users accurately record their time regardless of location. Through sustained market analysis, user workflow research, and backlog refinement, our development team readied itself to meet – and beat – the client’s compressed timeline for the integration’s rapid deployment.

We also embedded software that allows our client to monitor market utilization and adoption of wearable technology. Powered by the mobile app and wearable app extension, ITX’s strong native development team strengthened our client’s market position in this highly competitive space.

Meet the Client.

Our client is an industry-leading provider of payroll and HR solutions serving small- to medium-sized companies. They are committed to delivering fast, easy, software solutions for on-the-go employees to manage their work-related commitments. As our global workforce grows more mobile, our client’s solutions move with them, providing critical tools that boost their productivity.

I just want to express my thanks for all the hard work everyone has put in to produce a high-quality build of the Watch integration in time for HR Tech. I can confidently say our implementation surpasses that of [our competitor’s] demo; you should be proud of what you delivered. Please take this time to recognize what you’ve accomplished – job well done.

Client Senior Leader


Create a powerful mobile complement to the client’s time tracking application for iOS and Android users – including an Apple Watch integration. Strengthen the market position of the client’s time tracking app by rapidly deploying the Watch App and validate continued investment in wearable technology.


  • Gap exists in client’s mobile offerings in a competitive market environment.
  • Apple Watch app extension must allow users to easily record time, queue time entries for submission when offline, and validate status by transferring data from Watch to mobile device.
  • Compressed delivery timeline for demonstration at high-visibility industry conference.
  • Uncertain viability of wearable technologies; best practices were not well defined.


  • Design and craft user-inspired workflows with an intuitive UI to enhance users’ time-tracking experience with the Apple Watch extension.
  • Architect and develop a modular, scalable, and extensible infrastructure that accommodates an expanded automation stack to reduce regression time and increase the quality of releases.
  • Integrate analytics technology into the Apple Watch app extension to monitor market utilization and penetration of wearable tech.


9 Months Post-launch.

  • 576% Increase in new user growth. As the growth continues to accelerate, it underlines users’ delight in the application’s features and functionality and the deepening market penetration of our wearable tech solution.
  • 118% Increase in key daily actions. As economies reopened following the initial shock of COVID-19 and users returned to work, the pace of time entries recovered quickly, demonstrating growth in user confidence and budding acceptance of wearable technology.


  • The ITX time tracking mobile app and fully functional Apple Watch integration delivers critical business value, allowing users to quickly record key daily activities while helping employers accurately forecast resource allocation.
  • ITX expedited delivery of a production-ready Apple Watch extension to the client’s mobile app that bolsters the client’s position in a competitive time tracking market space.

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