Sean Flaherty

Sean started innovating with software products at 11 years old on his 8-Bit Commodore Vic-20 in the 1980’s and he never stopped. He studied aviation electronics working on F-14 Tomcats in the Navy, molecular genetics at the University of Rochester and earned an MBA from the Simon School of Business in 2006.

Most of his experience, however has come from working in the trenches with his amazing clients building innovative software products that move, touch and inspire the world for over two decades. He is most fortunate to have the privilege of leading the team that is ITX. ITX has built a passionate group of inspired technologists and artists that produce magic every day for their clients. ITX is pioneering the way that software products are built and creating best practices that forging the way software products are built.

Sean teaches MBAs at the William E. Simon School of Business and speaks to leadership teams around the world on the intersection of innovation, culture, and empathy. He has developed and organized “The Momentum Framework,” a set of contextual models that demonstrate the patterns, context and language of successful leadership.

His work has lead to him earning recognition and accolades such as the 2019 Vistage “New Speaker of the Year” and the 2019 Trust Across America “Top Thought Leader in Trust” awards amongst many others.

See what people are saying.

Sean’s work is changing the way corporate cultures are built!

“I participated in a wonderful session about Product tactics, momentum and strategy…. Sean is a thought leader and practiced expert”


Geremy Bass


“We are a tough group of skeptical NYC CEOs and Sean is one of the dozens of outside speakers that we have had over the last 6 years. Overall, I would rate him as one of the best.”


John Delbridge


“After going through the workshop and assessments for my own teams – I was able to clearly pinpoint the areas where we needed support and take action to improve our outcomes.”


Tara Wellington


“Sean is an excellent presenter, and was able to hold the members’ attention with a combination of models and practical tactical steps… for 3 hours”


Phil Fine


“Attended Sean’s workshop on the Product Momentum Framework and absolutely loved it. I’m confident that it’ll raise my game”


Jarett Blankenship


“Sean is a visionary, a student of relationships, consumer behavior, and is an executer…He built a product strategy model that is efficient, effective and gets to the core of value creation. “


David Casullo

Daneli Partners