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E-commerce Platform Boosts Growth, Strengthens Brand, and Recaptures Market Share

Our client called on ITX Corp.’s high-growth product team to build a powerful new e-commerce platform that would regain brand trust and recapture lost market share. ITX applied a methodical, phased-in approach to deliver significant growth in orders and order value, as well as multi-session log-ins – testimony to customers’ renewed confidence.

Before developing its customized e-commerce platform, ITX engaged the client product team in a 1-day Workshop, conducted a comprehensive technology audit, and performed extensive market research.

Together, we identified four improvement areas: 1. Establish customized e-Commerce foundation. 2. Set up product hierarchy & sync process. 3. Create customer-specific pricing. 4. Set foundation for Search.

By building out a reliable, intuitive e-commerce platform, ITX quickly demonstrated its grasp of the client’s underlying business challenges and the technology’s role in addressing them.

Meet the Client.

Our client is a premier provider of branded and private label industrial components to the U.S. manufacturing market. With nearly 40,000 products spread across a complex hierarchy, the client combines efficient product sourcing, innovative engineering, and both subject-matter and industry support.


Build, launch, and optimize an e-commerce platform to rebuild trust, regain confidence, and recapture market share.


ITX research revealed that our client – a global supplier of sophisticated industrial components – provides a product hierarchy deeper than most e-commerce sites. Customers whose work product is highly specialized require highly specialized materials. They also need a comprehensive, logically organized interface to help navigate myriad combinations of products and their unique attributes.


The ITX technology solution shored up our client’s e-commerce platform. Reliable information architecture supported robust Search through a deep product hierarchy with multi-faceted navigation and filters specific to product type. An intuitive UI and engaging UX combined to enhance the trust and confidence between our client’s brand and the customers it serves.

ITX customized a leading e-commerce solution and combined it with a front-end strategy to boost the platform’s responsiveness and ease of use. By enhancing navigation of the client’s vast product selection, ITX simplified product search with suggested terms, broad search, and direct match.


10-month Post-launch Trends.

242% Increase Multi-session Log-ins.
142% Increase in Monthly Orders.
223% Increase in Monthly Order Value.


  • Multi-Session Log-ins show customers’ return and re-use of client’s e-commerce platform.
  • Order count spikes, sustains positive trend that reveals confidence boost in client’s brand.
  • Order value climbs steadily, demonstrating reclaimed market share.
  • Refined search and intuitive design provide solid foundation for future growth & expansion.

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