Design Sprint Event

Build a Superior Product in 2021

Learn how virtual design sprints will allow your teams to deliver groundbreaking new tools in 2021 — all while working remotely.

Q: How does a quarantined product team serving employees at over 680,000 businesses find alignment and keep a pulse on their customers to deliver groundbreaking new tools and technology?

A: By joining forces with the Design Sprint pros at ITX to customize the popular problem-solving framework!

In this webinar, you’ll hear how product design leaders at Fortune 1000 HR software and services company Paychex work through problems large and small — using a remote-first process created with ITX.

This optimized process helps Paychex: shorten the time required to make critical decisions, identify and involve the right stakeholders, and drive a user-centered approach.

This webinar will prepare you to…

Align stake holders and move efficiently toward the right product and business goals.

Accelerate user feedback generation to deliver the outcomes that matter most.

Squeeze inefficiency and risk out of your 2021 roadmap.

Our Speakers

Meet the UX experts from Paychex and ITX who’ll share their perspectives on, knowledge of, and insights into the groundbreaking Virtual Design Sprint methodology.

Liz Gombert

Customer Journey Manager at Paychex

Nathan Shapiro

Senior Manager of Digital Platform Strategy & UX at Paychex

Christina Halladay

Director Of User Experience at ITX

Nicole Btesh

User Experience Designer at ITX

Elisa Goyeneche

User Experience Designer at ITX

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