Comprehensive Support

You need someone fully accountable for your tech management. We’re on it. 24x7x365.

It takes constant monitoring and creative problem solving to keep technology both functional and relevant. Remarkable technology that consistently adds value to people’s lives can be your competitive advantage — but only when it’s working and serving your audience’s needs. We can help assure that your technology is both regularly updated and improved in order to maintain its value to your business and your customers.

Caring for technology throughout its lifecycle has become a full-time job. Most companies can’t commit the internal resources to stay current as hardware and software are continuously improving. The result is a skill rift. An outside support resource that is committed to continuously hiring, training and encouraging individuals to drive technology innovation is what closes that gap.

You want your IT partner to be your customer service partner.

We recognize that your web and mobile properties are your face to the world and the finest representation of your brand. When they are performing well they reinforce the relationship that you have worked so hard to build with your customers. You should look at ITX as both an IT partner and a strategic customer service organization that is chartered with providing ever-evolving improvements to your business. Support has become much less about responding to an outage, and more about proactively ensuring availability.

With ITX you get more than just accountability. You get total confidence.

  • Engaged: We meet with our clients regularly to review traffic and statistics, assess security updates, discuss changes in the market and technologies that might impact their business and present an up-to-date report of our findings.
  • Proactive: We watch browser and device releases to warn clients of potential problems and test their web sites with beta releases to provide one more layer of defense for their brand. We establish a clear charter for support and provide a smooth transition of knowledge whenever necessary.
  • Responsive: We will notify you if our monitors indicate there is a problem with your web site while immediately engaging to resolve the issue. You will never have to ask for a status during issue resolution. We will communicate clearly and often. We do not put the job down until you affirm that it is complete.
  • Transparent: Immediately after every incident we can generate a detailed report identifying the root causes and corrective actions taken. We provide access to all of the statistics for clients’ web sites on a regular basis and tools for monitoring our work.