Higher Level of Quality

Quality and value should be measured over the life of your product.

Many people in the custom software development software industry often define quality as simply delivering a “bug-free” application. ITX and the brands we support set a higher standard. And we deliver on it.

We know, and our clients know, that quality goes beyond what the user sees or doesn’t see on screen. A quality product protects your investment by delivering a positive experience today and accounting for what updates, improvements, and repairs will cost throughout the lifecycle of your product.

We define a high quality software product as one that has been thoughtfully evaluated by each of the seven perspectives of quality. It is imperative to determine the appropriate level of investment for each of the dimensions and implement accordingly. In other words, every software product has a unique quality profile that needs to be assessed to make sure that the delivered product is worthy of the brand that it supports. The seven dimensions of quality are:

  1. Functional – The product serves its intended use.
  2. Architecture – The architecture of your solution must be reusable, extensible, modular and fault tolerant.
  3. Compliance – Most companies face regulatory requirements from their industry, government or their company, and all companies must consider what open source and third party components to use.
  4. Performance – Your product must scale and respond appropriately under various load scenarios, both now and in the future, so it is able to grow with your business.
  5. Security – Your product must be secure in terms of data, coding standards and infrastructure. It must stand up against malicious attacks from hackers.
  6. Supportability – The product is maintainable over its expected lifecycle.
  7. User Experience – The product has been designed with a focus on usability, end user(s) needs and goals, and a beautiful, consistent, cohesive aesthetic.

You get to see your quality product come to life.

We break your deliverables down into their most executable pieces and then prioritize each one based on its true value to your business. Because we show you each piece as it is completed, you get to see rapid and steady progress. Each component of your solution is tested before delivery and again when the next component is 100% complete. As a result, the most valuable components are tested many times during the custom software development process.