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5 Signs You Need ColdFusion Support 

When it comes to maintaining robust web applications, Adobe ColdFusion is a tried-and-true development platform. However, general ColdFusion adoption is in decline, and Adobe is retiring old versions of the software. In 2022, successfully running ColdFusion web applications requires more external support than ever.

If you’re developing, managing, and troubleshooting your web applications in house, you could be overlooking some serious issues. Downtime, security concerns, and usability problems are just some of the symptoms of an under- supported web application.  

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case.  

The ColdFusion support professionals at ITX will help you manage a quality web application, so you can reach your business goals. We understand the ColdFusion ecosystem, as well as how to unlock the platform’s full potential.  

Here are some key signs that it’s time to call in ColdFusion support services.

You’re Using an Outdated Version of ColdFusion 

Haven’t upgraded in a while? Your web application may be running well enough, but you could be overlooking vulnerabilities on your site. Remember, Adobe improves the security and usability of their programs with every release. Outdated software makes your site an easier target for ransomware and other attacks, while also dragging down your application’s user experience.   

While upgrading the program is essential to security, you also need to pay attention to unplanned releases. Adobe released an emergency update in March 2021, patching security gaps that made it easier for cyber criminals to upload arbitrary code. Overlooking updates like this could be catastrophic for your business.  

The reality is that Adobe software updates often fall through the cracks. General operations and more pressing issues simply take precedence.  

The trick to checking maintenance off your list? Enlisting consistent ColdFusion support.  

An expert will ensure that you’re using the latest software release and running all essential updates, so you can focus on your firm’s next big strategic initiative.  

You’re Building a New Web Application 

Creating a quality app and positive user experience requires in-depth knowledge. But it’s not 2011 anymore, and experienced ColdFusion developers are hard to come by.  

If you’re committed to building a competitive ColdFusion web app, professional support is a must. Connect with a ColdFusion developer as early as possible to perfect your design and ensure a smoother rollout.  

You’re Experiencing App Inefficiencies 

Web applications should accelerate your business, not slow it down. Unfortunately, inadequate coding knowledge and the challenges that come with constant upkeep make your ColdFusion apps less efficient than they could be.  

The cause of these inefficiencies? Poor configuration, incorrect indexes, and caching issues are just some common culprits. When facing these issues, your business doesn’t have time for a misdirected troubleshoot. 

Working with an experienced ColdFusion developer takes the guesswork out of creating a more efficient web application. This professional will diagnose the problem, make the fix, and outline steps for future maintenance.  

You’re Ready to Migrate to Another Platform 

While ColdFusion is a reliable option for web application development, this platform is declining in popularity. The cost of upgrades and allure of more modern platforms are simply drawing firms away from Adobe’s software.  

If your business is keen to migrate your web application to another development platform, you’re not alone. However, this process is far from simple. Re-platforming a ColdFusion application requires significant resources that are often in short supply: time, money, and expertise. 

Those eager to jump platforms should hire a ColdFusion support team from the start. Much like how a graceful leap is more energy efficient than a death-defying scrabble up from the ledge, having support available early and often will save you money, time, and effort.  

ColdFusion developers, like those at ITX, will help you choose your next program, ensure an efficient migration, and mitigate security risks through every stage.  

You’ve Never Consulted a Professional for ColdFusion Support 

It’s possible that you’ve managed your ColdFusion applications in-house for years without incident. But what are you missing? There may be errors and vulnerabilities lurking under the surface, even if your web apps appear to be working well.  

A ColdFusion pro will ensure that your software is secure, up to date, and running as smoothly as possible. Even just a cursory glance from fresh, attuned eyes could spot something critical that you’ve overlooked. 

Now is the time to future proof your ColdFusion programs by seeking expert support. The development team at ITX has more than 25 years of ColdFusion experience. As a leading software and web development company, we provide ColdFusion development, modernization, and migration solutions for our industry-leading clients. 

Contact us today to discuss your ColdFusion needs. 

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